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Launch of Blog

Item posted by Stephen H. Dawson DSL <shdawson> on Sun 10 Feb 2013 01:12:53 AM UTC.

There has been discussion about doing some type of public information distribution for GNU remotecontrol, shy of a news release and shy of a mailing list that could end up in a L-O-N-G and protracted email thread. The discussion has determined a blog is the best way to deliver this information. Examples of this information include:

-Changes that could be made to the code.
-What it takes to make changes to the code.
-How to make changes to the code.

Most importantly, the ability to get GNU remotecontrol users information that is pertinent, but not critically important to them. Simply stated, this blog is a very good indication of the DIRECTION we are headed with GNU remotecontrol.

This blog will have MONTHLY postings, in a newsletter style format.


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