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Release 0.9.4 is imminent - please test!

Item posted by Richard Shann <rshann> on Mon 27 Feb 2012 10:29:32 PM UTC.
is a candidate for the new release, please download, build and test on your system.
The new features are:
   * Playback in real time
      No hiccups when page turns or if editing during playback etc
      Pause and Loop play included
      Recording MIDI to accompany the live playback
    *Links to Source Material
      Source files (manuscripts/facsimiles) can be linked from the Denemo score
      One click navigation to and from the source to the transcription
    * Better control of voices
        Voices can be displayed on separate staffs but remain as voices.
        No need to join voices before printing.
    * Printing directly from Denemo
optional side-by-side view for seeing page turns
        no need for external pdf viewer
        print to file (pdf, postcript or scalable vector graphics)
        a print-preview is available
    * Navigate from PDF
        Pointing and clicking on a note in the PDF score takes you to that note in the Denemo score
    * Tweaking the positions of Objects
        Often needed for Rests in single staff polyphony
    * Book Titles
        Title Page, with composer, arranger etc information nicely displayed.
        Table of Contents optional
        Epilog, a title and paragraph on a page at the end of the music
        Critical Commentary automatically generated from critical comments placed on the music.
    * Improved display
        Markings like staccato now display nicely
        Text markings also move out of the way of notes in display
    * Supports both GTK3 and GTK2


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