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Release 0.9.2 is out

Item posted by Richard Shann <rshann> on Fri 30 Sep 2011 03:15:53 PM UTC.

New features in this version:

  • Score checking

**Performed automatically before printing (optional)
**Under/Overfull measures
**Unterminated tuplets
**Miss-matched slurs.
*Pitch Spelling
**Performed live on MIDI entry
**Colors intervals that may be enharmonic spelling mistakes with a different timbre

  • Enter accidental before or after note
  • Change a note to one of its enharmonic variants. Same absolute pitch (in Equal Temperament).
  • Change the duration of single notes in a chord to create single-voice polyphony
  • Vertical Rest Positioning (for polyphony)
  • Grace Notes that come after rather than before the main note.
  • Improved display of under/overfull measures
  • Display shows if there are measures before/after those on screen and provides buttons to navigate
  • Better beaming control.
  • Arbitrary Dynamics text.
  • New Denemo fonts

**Denemo's own font now uses standard unicode font symbols
**LilyPond font accessible to scripts
**Improved display of entered music, help texts etc.
**Simpler scripting to display any LilyPond feature.

  • Thumbnails for .denemo files in file open dialog and for your Window Manager
    • Thumbnail shows a selection of your choice as finally typeset.
    • Default thumbnail is first three measures
  • Import images of scores for transcription

**Scores captured bar-by-bar into Denemo, displayed directly underneath the bar they relate to.
**Editorial decisions/errors can easily be checked

  • Bug Fixes
    • Vertical scrolling (a long-standing bug fixed at last)
    • Bookmark searching
    • Nested tuplet display
    • Redo crashes

*Known Issues for this version:
      ** As yet no windows binary is available
      ** Playback out of priority thread is not in this release.
      ** The manual does not have the latest list of scheme commands


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