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Gnubik version 2.4 released

Item posted by John Darrington <jmd> on Sat Apr 9 11:41:09 2011.

Version 2.4 of gnubik is now released.

Gnubik is a 3D single player game which displays an interactive cube
similar to the well known Rubik Cube.

The primary download location is
Nearby mirrors are listed at

Features of this release include:

* Animation is now significantly faster, making the
program a lot less frustrating when run on machines with
low-end graphics.

* You can now show several concurrent views of the
cube from different angles.

* `Cubes' are no longer restricted to a cubic shape.
General right-angled parallelepipeds are now

* Corrected minor errors in the documentation.

* Fixed some portability issues.

* Fixed a bug where the program would crash on
startup with larger size cubes.

* Added eo, uk and sl translations.

* We now depend on Gtk+ version 2.20 or later.

* Made sure it'll work with Guile 2.0 although Guile 1.8
is sufficient.

Further information about the software and screenshots can be found on
the website at


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