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This project is part of the GNU Project.

GNUbik is an Mesa/OpenGL based puzzle game. It displays a `magic cube', like that invented by Erno Rubik. It uses Gtk+ and integrates nicely with Gnome.

You can specify your own colours or even images for the sides of the cube. It is fully internationalised and has some bells and whistles.

Registration Date: Mon 03 Nov 2003 11:08:37 AM UTC
License: GNU General Public License v2 or later
Development Status: 5 - Production/Stable


Latest News 
Gnubik version 2.4 released
     posted by jmd, Sat 09 Apr 2011 11:41:09 AM UTC - 0 replies

Version 2.4 of gnubik is now released.

Gnubik is a 3D single player game which displays an interactive cube
similar to the well known Rubik Cube.

The primary download location is
Nearby mirrors are listed at ...

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New release imminent
     posted by jmd, Sat 19 Mar 2011 04:05:44 PM UTC - 0 replies

A new release of Gnubik is planned very soon.
Version 2.4 will see much faster animation, multiple viewing angles, and non-regular cubes. A few minor bugs have been corrected, and support for newer and ported versions of dependent libraries have been added.

Bug reports, improvements and updated localisations will be particularly welcome over the next few weeks. The git repository contains the latest sources.

GNUbik 2.3 Released
     posted by jmd, Tue 06 Jan 2009 03:35:14 AM UTC - 0 replies

Version 2.3 of GNUbik has been released.

This release is to address some maintenance issues and to relicense the software. Changes include:

  • Reorganisation of the autotools and build system.
  • Updated the licence from GPLv2+ to GPLV3+
  • Added bg, gr, pt_BR, pt_PT and zh_CH translations.
  • The program now depends on Gtk+ version 2.6 or later.
  • The program now depends on Guile version 1.8 or later.

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