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Release 0.8.22 can be downloaded now.

Item posted by Richard Shann <rshann> on Thu 09 Dec 2010 07:15:07 PM UTC.

New features in this version:
Playback Improvements - playback in historic tunings, microtonal music playback - mute selected voices during playback
Denemo Display improvements - Whole Measure Rests fills measure for all timesignatures - Upbeat (Anacrusis, pickup) command now fills measure - Vector graphics for Directives [[Graphics Fonts]]- Fully justified page display. - Better display for 1-line staffs (e.g. Drum staff) - Breve, Longa notes and rests - Prevailing duration applies to Breve, Longa, Plain chant etc
Template for Accordion Shifts
Improved Handling of Voices
More Printing Controls - Change/override the printed measure numbering - Hide single printed objects (notes/chords, timesignatures, keysignatures, clefs) - Hide linear section of notes or the stafflines (or both). - Breath mark - "Mensurstriche" / Mensural Barlines switchable (printing)
Human-readable file format for Denemo files.
Bugfixes - Chords sound all notes on entry - Playback paging made reliable - Check note pitches fixed - Lyrics panes word wrap


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