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Reminder - GNU get-together at FSCONS 2010 (Gothenburg, 5-7 November)

Item posted by -Deleted Account- <bjg> on Thu 21 Oct 2010 08:47:32 PM UTC.

Just a reminder that in two weeks there will be a GNU get-together at the FSCONS free software conference in Gothenburg, Sweden, on November 5-7 ( We will meet up for informal discussions and/or lightning talks and go for dinner each day after the conference. 

Full details at

The current list of GNU people going to FSCONS is

  • Henrik Sandklef (GNU Xnee)
  • Werner Koch (GnuPG) (Fri morning - Sun evening)
  • José Marchesi (GNU PDF, Recutils) (Thursday/Friday - Monday)
  • Alfred M. Szmidt
  • Ralf Wildenhues (GNU Autotools) - Fri-Sun TBC
  • Ole Tange (GNU Parallel) - Sun
  • Simon Josefsson (GNUTLS, etc) - (Fri afternoon - Monday morning)
  • Matt Lee (FSF, GNU social, GNU FM, GNU network)
  • Michael Fötsch (gNewSense)
  • Giuseppe Scrivano (GNU Icecat, MyServer)
  • David Grundberg (GNU Octave) (Fri - Mon)
  • Brian Gough (GNU Scientific Library) (Fri - Mon)
  • ...

If you are planning to come, please email ghm-discuss[at] to let us know. 

Note that you will need to register for FSCONS to attend -  the organisers have kindly arranged a special discount on the registration fee for GNU Hackers (details on

The conference includes a special track on decentralised network services organised by FSFE  "Divide and Reconquer: Regaining Control of our Communications"  including talks from Michael Christen (YaCy distributed search engine), Michael Chisari (Appleseed Project), Jaussoin Timothée & Ludovic Bocquet (Movim) and Matt Lee (GNU Social).


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