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Current registrations for European GNU Hackers meeting in the Hague, 24-25 July 2010

Item posted by -Deleted Account- <bjg> on Fri 11 Jun 2010 10:26:34 AM UTC.

There are currently 26 registrations for the GNU meeting next month in the Hague (24-25 July).  If you want to come, please register on the GHM webpage where there is full information.

  1. Andy Wingo (GNU Guile)
  2. Christian Grothoff (GNUnet)
  3. Brian Gough (GNU Scientific Library)
  4. Luca Saiu (GNU Epsilon)
  5. Dodji Seketeli (GCC)
  6. Jose E. Marchesi (GNU PDF)
  7. Adam Reviczky (GNOME)
  8. Aleksander Morgado (GNU PDF)
  9. Giuseppe Scrivano (myserver, gnuzilla, wget, gcal)
  10. Simon Josefsson (Libidn, Libtasn1, SASL, GSS, Shishi, GnuTLS)
  11. Matthias Wachs (GNUnet)
  12. Paolo Carlini (GCC, libstdc++)
  13. Werner Koch (GNUPG)
  14. Mark Wielaard (GNU Classpath)
  15. Sylvain Beucler (GNU Savannah, GNU FreeDink)
  16. Karl Goetz (GNewSense) - TBC
  17. Nacho Gonzalez (GNU Chapters sysadmin)
  18. Gianluca Guida (GNU Hurd) - TBC
  19. Xan López (GNOME, Epiphany)
  20. Steven Bosscher (GCC)
  21. Laurent GUERBY (GCC)
  22. Patrick van de Schilde (Den Haag Hackspace)
  23. Fred Kiefer (GNUstep) - TBC
  24. Nathan Evans (GNUnet)
  25. Tibi Turbureanu (CEATA Free Software Organisation, Romania)
  26. Laurențiu Dascălu (CEATA Free Software Organisation, Romania) - TBC

The list of submitted talk proposals is:

  • Christian Grothoff - "Introduction to GNUnet", focusing on the overall architecture and the secure file-sharing subsystem (for the upcoming 0.9-release series)
  • Matthias Wachs - "Low level transports and transport selection in GNUnet"
  • Nathan Evans - "DHT and routing in GNUnet"
  • Jose E. Marchesi - "The GNU Record Utilities"
  • Paolo Carlini - "The new C++ Standard and library (C++0x)"
  • Dodji Seketeli - "g++ internals" (TBC)
  • Sylvain Beucler - "Distributed Bug Trackers"
  • Karl Goetz - GNewSense (TBC)
  • Steven Bosscher - "Link Time Optimisation in GCC" (TBC)
  • Laurent Guerby - "The GCC Compile Farm" (TBC)
  • Fred Kiefer - "Recent developments in GNUstep" (TBC)

TBC = to be confirmed

Hope to see you next month in the Hague!


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