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Factor Analysis and Rotations

Item posted by John Darrington <jmd> on Fri May 21 08:44:28 2010.

The latest PSPP master version now supports factor analysis/principal components analysis including factor rotations. Varimax, Quartimax and Equamax rotations are available. Currently oblique rotations are not supported.

The factor command also outputs a "scree" plot and loading matrices.


problems with PSPP factor (posted by Ton Vogels, Mon Aug 9 13:37:48 2010)

I tried the new factor analysis and encounterd some problems
My first attempt resulted in rotated and unrotated factor loadings > 1.00.

I suppose this is caused by a problematic handling of missing values, because when i removed observations with missing values all loadings remaind < 1.00.

However, when i compared the results with those of R-factal there were marked differences, both when using the correlation matrix and the covariance matrix.

I was not yet able to compare the results with those of SPSS, by I wonder how reliable the results of PSPP are.



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