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Release 0.8.14 and fixed Win32 version (solved: Font not used)

Item posted by -Deleted Account- <steele> on Fri 12 Mar 2010 04:47:00 PM UTC.

Denemo 0.8.14 is ready and released. Get Denemo now as Source or Win32 installer. And ask your Distributions Maintainer to add 0.8.14 to their repositories. It would be nice to hear from you about the latest Denemo Release. Have fun!

Windows Users please download this half-official version to get your font-problem fixed.

New Features:

  • Zoom for the Denemo display (Thanks to Torben Hohn)
  • Mulit-line display of music.
  • MIDI player controls
  • Independent playhead
  • Loop control - edit your music while it loops.
  • Master Tempo command
  • Master Volume command
  • Control the play interval, set to selection etc
  • Typical Midi Control Changes (Program Change, Hold Pedals etc.)
  • A Generic Control Change directive for any Midi CC Message.
  • Convert GM Drum Staffs to users' drum notation. The mapping can * be edited visually by using a normal .denemo template.
  • Apply To Selection for script authors
  • Upgrade of some scripts to work with selections.
  • New user preference that turns "Apply to Selection" on/off
  • New cursor movement commands: Standard shortcuts now don't alter the selection
  • Conventional mouse + keyboard selection (shift+left/right), in multiple staffs at once
  • Improvements to MIDI import.
  • Hide certain menus / toolbars.


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