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Release 0.8.12

Item posted by Richard Shann <rshann> on Mon 11 Jan 2010 09:39:16 PM UTC.

Release 0.8.12 is now available for download.
The new features are as follows:
      * Immediate MIDI playback by internal synth (Fluidsynth)
      * Set up multiple JACK output devices with multiple ports on each.  Assign staffs to these device/port names.
      * MIDI input available from all platforms (using Fluidsynth or JACK)
      * Uses latest LilyPond version
      * New Paste command - paste can be customised by script.
      * Adding movements keeps the staff/voice arrangements of the    current movement.
      * Find routines. Find next note lower than cursor, next empty   measure ...
      * Support for wheel-mouse
      * Rhythm entry now creates non-printing notes until pitches are applied
      * Metronome markings for any duration, slur direction control, memorize and return to the cursor position

Note, some slower users of slower machines/soundcards may need to tweak the period-size and sample-rate to avoid distorted playback via the internal synthesizer, and for high quality MIDI sound a large soundfont should be installed.

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