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LaunchPad Release 1.0.0

Item posted by Adam Fedor <fedor> on Tue 17 Apr 2001 03:43:48 PM UTC.

GNUstep Developers are happy to announce the first user release of
GNUstep LaunchPad. GNUstep LaunchPad is a collection of libraries for
creating non-graphical tools and applications using an API based on
OpenStep and the MacOS X API.  GNUstep Launchpad consists of the following packages:

GNUstep Make - A collection of make scripts that make configuration,
building and packaging of projects almost trivial.

GNUstep Base - A collection of Objective-C classes that provide all
the fundamental objects required in most applications, such as
dictionaries, unicode strings, distributed objects, timers, and more.

GNUstep Guile - A package that allows one to use the Guile scripting
language within GNUstep projects

JIGS - An interface to Java, that allows one to use GNUstep objects in
Java code and Java objects in GNUstep code.

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