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Release 0.8.10 available now

Item posted by Richard Shann <rshann> on Wed Nov 4 19:27:46 2009.

The new features include:

* Text attached to denemo music: Keep your TODO list/notes on errata in the source etc attached to the relevant place in the music.
* New Bookmark System, integrating Rehearsal Marks
* Augment /Diminish the duration of selected notes.
* Whole Measure rests.
* Anacrusis: the length of the upbeat is determined from the music.
* First and second time Measures in repeats.
* Immediate playback via MIDI - educational games can now output notes on MIDI instruments.
* Custom collections of buttons: any command can be placed, ready to use, on a button bar.
* Changing preferences via script.
* EditObject command (usually right-click or Tab) now gives direct access to any Attributes set on note or chord.
* Cut and Paste fixes: multiple measures across adjacent staffs can now be cut/pasted.
* Better mouse selection of music.
* Many bugs fixed: Import Midi, display after clef changes, crash on dragging mouse off top of display, crash on cancel new staff in initial ...


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