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i18n and gettext

Item posted by Sylvain Beucler <Beuc> on Sun 07 Dec 2008 08:59:21 PM UTC.

At last it's now possible to translate Dink and its D-Mods using gettext :)

The engine searches for a message catalog in DMOD/l10n/XX/LC_MESSAGES/ and can display translations instead of your say()/say_stop()/say_xy()/etc. strings. It also supports dialog choices. For this the engine now uses UTF-8 internaly. FreeDink itself is also using gettext and is being translated.

The next steps are to polish the code and setup an overlay system, so that translators can easily mask a few files from the D-Mods with their localized versions, for example a modified graphic or a reimplementation of an English riddle puzzle.

I converted my years-old translation of Mystery Island and it rocks :) I'm have a couple quick scripts to convert other existing translations and generate a new .pot template catalog for other D-Mods.

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