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new features available

Item posted by Claudio Fontana <sick_soul> on Tue Aug 1 18:57:40 2006.

These new features are available in current CVS,
and in the latest CVS builds:


  • rewrote upgrade package functionality. This fixes a lot of

problems with the upgrade actions in the programs.

  • consider directory dependencies. Previously only file and link

dependencies were considered.

  • improved info files handling.
  • add support for prefix redirection as discouraged fallback

if none of the good staging installation methods (DESTDIR,
INSTALL_ROOT) are found.


  • more parseable output from the detection actions (-1, -2, -3).
  • --check action does not print all installed files anymore,

since that functionality is already provided by --export-list -
Only report if there are missing ones.

  • add support for prefix redirection (see above) under --force.


  • relaxed GTK requirement from 2.6 to 2.4.

If 2.6 is available, some more niceties are available.

  • new dialogs for messages
  • new optional command line argument to quickly start a package

add action.

  • support for prefix redirection (see above) is available,

but the user must confirm, since its use is discouraged.

many bugfixes are also in.

You can fetch the latest CVS builds in the Files section on savannah, or in


blog (posted by blogspot, Thu Jul 3 06:38:59 2008)



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