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GNU Arch 1.3.5 Release Candidate 1

Item posted by Andy Tai <atai> on Tue 11 Jul 2006 07:26:49 AM UTC.

This is to announce the first release candidate of GNU Arch (tla) 1.3.5.

The tarball is available as

The changes from the previous version, 1.3.4, are

Fixes for Bugs 11731, 11701, 7502, 16334, 16539, 16538, 16780

Enhanced support for several different ssh implementations by Ludovic Court├Ęs <>

SHA1 checksums

Undo command specific file selection,  by Ludovic

Microsoft Windows NT FTP server support

commit and undo commands allow file exclusion with the -x option

library-dir as alias for my-revision-library

archive-register as alias for register-archive

Cygwin support, file name compression patches from Lode Leroy
<>, incorporated into tla proper
(see notes below)

apply-delta now supports diff3 style merge (via the -t option)

honor --skip-present for replay, patch by Ludovic

uild configs, with the top level directory corresponding to the tla- directory in the tar file



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