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Item posted by Lord of the Files <admin> on Mon 26 Feb 2001 03:09:44 PM UTC.

       The web site in now in CVS since more than two
weeks and works well. During the weekend I checked every details I
could to make sure everything was covered. I may have missed a bit
or two but I'm fairly confident that nothing really bad can happen.

       I updated the files with new
instructions that explain to webmasters how they can now use CVS to
update the website. Hopefully it's clear enough and I'll
fix things when people get confused for one reason or another.

       Since Mark transfered the ftp server to gnuftp, the load
average of gnudist is now small enough to allow reasonably fast
synchronization with the CVS tree every time someone commits a
change. Before that I had to manualy do tricks to keep it under
the 15 seconds threshold.

       I think we can now safely change the /home/www/html tree to
read-only. Instead of actually changing the files to read-only, I
suggest that we do the following:

- Remove everyone but the subscribers of the webmasters mailing
  list from the www group on gnudist.
- chmod -R o-w /home/www/html
- Add the following to the motd of gnudist:

IMPORTANT: All modifications to /home/www/html must now be done from
the CVS tree. The CVS tree is automaticaly synchronized
with /home/www/html on every commit. In order to have write access to
the CVS tree, first register yourself on Savannah at the URL If you are the maintainer
of a GNU package and want to modify the software/package pages, register
the package at after login on Savannah.
You will be granted write access to the software/package part of the and the project pages will give instructions to check it
out using CVS. If you want to edit pages somewhere else, ask for advice
to, or try to get in touch
with the people involved with the specific portion of the web site. The
URL lists all the
subdirectories of and the people that are responsible for
their editing (updated every day). For more information regarding this
new organisation, read

        The /home/www/html will be read-only for everyone, except for
the few members of the www group, allowing them to fix problems more
easily when and if they occur.

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