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Back to normal

Item posted by Elfyn McBratney <beu> on Mon Sep 27 23:23:15 2004.

Savannah seems to be back to normal. We've hacked up the backend code with lots of bug fixes & improvements, and have fixed any remnants by hand. (This'll end up back in Savane soon, hopefully too).

I've also made a few eye-candy changes to to try and make up for some of the service issues in the last few days. ;-) You now have a sexy new default theme and a nice to logo - looky there, sweet, eh?

As always, please file a support request if you have any problems with the service! Thank you.

Thank you all for your pacience!
Happy hacking,


Mailing lists ? (posted by Cedric L homme, Mon Oct 18 14:33:36 2004)

Thx for the job !
Is there some news about the mailing lists ?



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