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Projects approval delayed

Item posted by Sylvain Beucler <Beuc> on Sun Feb 15 21:09:40 2004.

New projects approvals, as well as moves from nongnu to gnu, are
currently queued until some post-crack works on Savannah are
completed, mainly adapting the system to the new secure architecture.

We currently do not know when this will be possible again and thank
you for your patience.


Project approvals now in motion (posted by Elfyn McBratney, Tue Jul 20 01:47:51 2004)


As you might have noticed from the news on the front page, Savannah is again in the position to accept new projects. For more information, please see the just submitted news item: <>

Please contact if you have any questions.

How is it going? (posted by Maximiliano Pin, Tue Apr 6 09:43:40 2004)

Hello, could someone tell us how is this work going?
Have you got some idea about when will pending projects be accepted?
Take your time, I understand this must be difficult, and I'm sure Savannah is turning into the safest place in Earth to have a project in.
Good bye and Thanks.

Request for an update of status (posted by Dennis Smit, Tue Mar 30 15:05:57 2004)

I would like to request for an status update.

Any estimate how much longer projects keep in pending
mode ?

Eagerly awaiting opening (posted by Delete me, Thu Mar 4 02:21:04 2004)

My university and I are eager to release some requested code under the GPL through Savannah. So we are eagerly awaiting project approval opening.

RE: Still waiting... (posted by Alexander Sasha Wait, Fri Feb 20 04:01:51 2004)

More to the point is there anything we can do to -help- with the backlog?

Still waiting... (posted by Martin Gadbois, Thu Feb 19 14:36:26 2004)

Sorry to say, but I registered my project in mid december...
More and more I'm looking at sourceforge as an alternative.
I still would like Savannah to be my project's "home", but the delays...

Any ways to empty the backlog of projects?



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