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Item posted by Loic Dachary <loic> on Wed 24 Jan 2001 10:00:36 AM UTC.

In December 2000 it was decided that all the web should be stored and managed in a CVS tree. The web will be updated automatically whenever someone commits a change to the CVS tree. The webmasters membership will be managed by savannah. This approach has two obvious advantages: it will not be required to login and remotely edit files and webmasters group management will be automated instead of requiring manual edition of the group file. Another nice side effect is that each contributor of a  GNU project will be granted the right to modify the /software/project pages. The webmasters (members of the www project on savannah) don't have access to the CVS of the source tree. The two CVS trees (sources and web pages) are distinct.

If you are a webmaster, please>register> on and ask someone who is already registered as an>administrator of the www project to add you to the list.

To access the CVS tree you must first>register your public SSH key. Then you can cvs -d co . to extract the complete set. No pserver access is allowed for security reasons.

If you have problems with this setup, please send a mail to or fill a>support request.

Have fun.

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