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A download area added for non GNU projects

Item posted by Loic Dachary <loic> on Sun Jul 22 22:21:21 2001.

It was rather unfair that some Free Software projects hosted on did not have a download area. Originally Savannah was
only used for GNU projects and those were granted a space on From now on, each project hosted on Savannah which is not
(yet ;-) part of the GNU project is granted a download area at:

Each member of the project can upload files using ssh, or even
better, rsync over ssh. Here is the sample command I use for the uri

cd my-laptop-tarbal-collection-directory
rsync --delete -av --rsh=ssh .

and then the files are immediately visibles at

The 'Project admin' page of each non-GNU project now contains
an explanation on how this works. To summarize shortly, here is what
you get:

For project A

Publicly visible download area at :

Uploads to this area available to each project member at : using scp or rsync over ssh

Please send mail to if you're in trouble.
You should first check that you are able to read/write the CVS repository,
as instructed in the CVS page for your Savannah project. Since CVS access
also uses ssh, once you get it working the upload will also work.


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