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 #61718 util/grub.d/30_os-prober.in: only print warning when os-prober is actually available 2021-12-23
 #61688 grub-mkconfig not using correct subvol output for root os on BTRFS subvol 2021-12-16
 #61622 Grub 2.06 is incompatible with W10 secure boot and bitlocker : breaks working installation 2021-12-05
 #61620 Grub2 fails to detect LVM volumes with: error: disk `lvmid/*/*' not found 2021-12-04
 #61606 Grub should support ext2/ext4 file systes with the large_dir feature 2021-12-03
 #61522 Expose a command to set the UEFI variable BootNext 2021-11-22
 #61426 '0' numpad entry trigger an error 2021-11-04
 #61368 menuentry statement should unset variable chosen, unless enclosed in submenu statement 2021-10-22
 #61364 (EFI) network problems when netbooting iPXE from netbooted GRUB 2021-10-21
 #61233 grub 2.06 (fedora 34) grub-core kern disk_common.c:47 attempt to read or write outside of disk 2021-09-27
 #61224 Section 7.2.3 Progress Bar does not have images 2021-09-25
 #61200 A friendly reminder of the FIXME in section 5.1.1 2021-09-21
 #61190 Vary slow rendering speen with HiDPI screen 2021-09-19
 #61148 cutmem not wokring on old machines 2021-09-12
 #61133 Support for rotated screen 2021-09-09
 #61101 UEFI PXE boot over VLAN is failing with 'could not resolve hardware address' msg 2021-09-01
 #61058 out of memory error on HP 250 G7 and HP 450 G8 laptop loading large initrd (500Mb) 2021-08-18
 #61033 Wrong IP used when boot with dnsmasq in proxy DHCP mode 2021-08-12
 #60995 Surface Pro 3 hangs on grub if peripherals attached 2021-07-31
 #60914 Default UI is too small to read on high DPI screens 2021-07-12
 #60892 Using blscfg /loader/entries from other bootloaders 2021-07-07
 #60885 grub-probe spews "invalid segment" errors when applied to disk containing moved LVM PV 2021-07-06
 #60848 GRUB freezes immediately afted boot menu apears (observed on HP Spectre x360 15) 2021-06-28
 #60821 searh --file command does not work for full path 2021-06-25
 #60805 'grub-install -v' can report an unusable grub-mkimage command 2021-06-20
 #60780 grub rescue> grub_is_lockdown command not found 2021-06-14
 #60739 make it possible to use raw disk as grubenv 2021-06-06
 #60727 Input lost after switching terminal_input to at_keyboard (can't switch to dvorak layout) 2021-06-04
 #60703 While decrypting the disk, Grub shouldn't enter rescue mode in the first password attempt that isn't correct 2021-05-30
 #60702 While decryption is in progress, the keyboard should not register anything aside from keyboard shortcuts. 2021-05-30
 #60633 Support echo in the disk decryption screen 2021-05-18
 #60568 grub-mkconfig generates broken paths for themes and fonts located in mountpoints different than "/" 2021-05-10
 #60565 GRUB 2.06-rc1 doesn't detect a FAT filesystem 2021-05-09
 #60507 Failed to load disk from images created with modules option. 2021-05-03
 #60458 grub 2.06 reboots immediately when compiled with -O2 (bisected) 2021-04-26
 #60454 update-grub cryptdevice kernel option missing 2021-04-25
 #60424 proposed update to grub 2.06-rc1 to use later gnulib 2021-04-20
 #60385 GRUB fails to finish parsing LVM metadata when there's a dm-cache metadata lv with policy settings 2021-04-12
 #60283 trunk fails to compile on riscv32 2021-03-24
 #60249 Loading Linux on Vortex86 results in reboot 2021-03-17
 #60231 can not cryptomount luks2 container with grub-2.06-rc1 2021-03-14
 #60211 error: verification requested but nobody cares 2021-03-11
 #60152 XFSv5 with bigtime is not yet supported 2021-03-01
 #60136 grub2 incompatibility between at_keyboard and gfxterm modules 2021-02-27
 #60114 The "Backspace" key doesn't work correctly in the superuser authentication prompt. 2021-02-25
 #60088 Disk decryption screen has some UX problems 2021-02-21
 #60067 grub-install --core-compress option broken (trivial fix) 2021-02-16
 #60028 grub2-install reports " "cannot find EFI directory" if there is a misleading apparent duplicate ESP path in /boot 2021-02-09
 #59976 f2fs module appears not to handle extra_attr 2021-01-30
 #59965 GRUB configuration file: include 'menu' option in timeout style caption 2021-01-29

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