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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted on
 #55118 ISO file generation for testing a boot menu None None 2018-11-27
 #55093 Add LUKS2 support None None 2018-11-25
 #55005 installation of grub-efi-amd64-signed fails due to "efibootmgr failed to register the boot entry: Input/output error." None None 2018-11-11
 #54994 Ignore comments in built-in configuration file None None 2018-11-09
 #54916 I cannot pass cmd line parameters from XEN's *.cfg file to xen-grub None None 2018-10-30
 #54849 Boot sequence ignores GRUB_TIMEOUT, menu disappears instantly None None 2018-10-16
 #54841 grub-mkstandalone output is not reproducible None None 2018-10-15
 #54820 grub2-standalone cannot boot from UEFI virtio disks None None 2018-10-11
 #54811 After running 'configure' with a existing cache, bulid fails with '/symbol.h:36:20: error: #if with no expression' None None 2018-10-09
 #54739 "alloc magic is broken" on NVME SSD None None 2018-09-27
 #54694 lost part of translation from 1.99 to 2.02 None None 2018-09-19
 #54671 Enable grub to read its default entry from the network None None 2018-09-17
 #54625 Reassigned to another tracker [was: Cant update grub] None None 2018-09-06
 #54590 Command to set Subnetmask manually None None 2018-08-29
 #54575 RAID5 on BTRFS borks grub.cfg because of multiple devices from grub-probe None None 2018-08-26
 #54511 grub2.02 fails to start VBE videomodes on Intel Atom Z36xxx/Z37xxx Series Graphics & Display in CSM mode None None 2018-08-14
 #54482 grub does not set variables consistently None None 2018-08-09
 #54481 if "root" is on "(tftp)" ls wont work None None 2018-08-09
 #54480 pxe_default_server, pxe_default_gateway not explained None None 2018-08-09
 #54439 grub may ignore configuration files None None 2018-08-03
 #54345 In Windows 10, grub-install.exe failing to install i386-pc | On any USB filesystem. None None 2018-07-21
 #54306 Incorrect resolution used on grub boot menu None None 2018-07-13
 #54192 Fails to assemble RAID6 on sata/scsi devices, but works with virtio (qemu) None None 2018-06-27
 #54158 installation into the LVM bootloaderarea None None 2018-06-20
 #54092 Wrong keymap (keyboard keys are mixed up) None None 2018-06-10
 #54016 Disable greet message None None 2018-05-30
 #53895 "acpI" command uses RSDT instead of XSDT None None 2018-05-14
 #53754 RFC violation: grub2 uses bootp-gateway IP as router None None 2018-04-25
 #53697 GRUB can't find root device None None 2018-04-19
 #53688 os-prober found dockers conteners with btrfs None None 2018-04-18
 #53517 Duplicate symbol, "grub_reboot in reboot is duplicated in kernel" None None 2018-03-29
 #53471 grub_script.yy.c issue None None 2018-03-26
 #53227 GRUB lacks support for Zstd (Zstandard) compressed btrfs filesystems None None 2018-02-26
 #53113 Correctly handle "memset@PLT" references in grub module object files None None 2018-02-10
 #53065 Have a way to create help screen None None 2018-02-05
 #52978 Does GRUB support hibernation? None None 2018-01-26
 #52939 [PATCH] 10_linux: support loading device trees None None 2018-01-20
 #52920 00_header does not emit "insmod gfxterm_background" when a splash background is configured None None 2018-01-17
 #52857 grub-mkconfig_lib + GRUB_ENABLE_CRYPTODISK => empty cryptomount commands None None 2018-01-10
 #52746 An extra trailing slash is added to ZFS root pool and it's not bootable None cjwatson 2017-12-26
 #52691 shift key depressed state lost after first subsequent keystroke None None 2017-12-19
 #52657 grub-mkconfig does not guarantee changes are on disk before exiting None None 2017-12-13
 #52637 ZFS enhancement suggestions? None None 2017-12-11
 #52629 ieee1275 for 64-bit PowerPC (big endian): Invalid memory access on Power Mac G5 None None 2017-12-09
 #52626 Allow translation of theme labels at run time None None 2017-12-08
 #52625 Unclear grub-install documentation None None 2017-12-08
 #52587 typo in docs None None 2017-12-05
 #52440 Invalid OpenBOOT path for a device None None 2017-11-18
 #52387 grub rescue not finding gpt partitions None None 2017-11-10
 #52311 completion.c: GRUB_PARSER_STATE_QUOTE is checked twice None None 2017-10-30

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