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 #64272 man/groff.7.man: add information about the 'dn' register 2023-06-01
 #64267 [man] missing blank line before section heading after empty paragraph in PD 0/IP/PD sequence Confirmed 2023-05-31
 #64255 [eqn] "big" is broken 2023-05-26
 #64243 [troff] expose interface to margin character "stickiness" 2023-05-23
 #64240 [troff] make numeric expression parser more sensitive to nonsense 2023-05-23
 #64239 [eqn] handle input leaders like input tabs 2023-05-23
 #64238 [docs] Simplify the explanations of "italic corrections" Need Info 2023-05-23
 #64236 [eqn] "digit" type seems to have a bad name 2023-05-22
 #64233 [troff] make requests' treatment of Boolean arguments more consistent 2023-05-22
 #64232 stop assigning `*[a-ik-uw-z]` special characters to italic fonts 2023-05-22
 #64231 [eqn] use italic face for lowercase Greek letters in nroff mode Postponed 2023-05-22
 #64229 [troff] I haz a DoS attack 2023-05-21
 #64224 [nroff] want feature to auto-size dimensioning registers to the terminal 2023-05-21
 #64216 [eqn] "{thick,thin}_space" parameters affect full- and half-width spaces ~ and ^ Ready for Merge gbranden 2023-05-19
 #64212 [PATCH] give troff a string register naming the next trap Need Info 2023-05-18
 #64209 [PATCH] [mm] ".LO SJ" doesn't put a blank line after a letter's subject Ready for Merge gbranden 2023-05-17
 #64207 [PATCH] [mm] internal `pg@next-page` macro should invoke `br` before `ne` Ready for Merge gbranden 2023-05-17
 #64206 [mm] `INDP` macro produces blank page at end Ready for Merge gbranden 2023-05-17
 #64205 [mm] `INITI` validates arguments poorly Ready for Merge gbranden 2023-05-17
 #64204 [mm] `HU` doesn't support a suffix as `H` does Ready for Merge gbranden 2023-05-17
 #64202 [man pages] groff_man(7) inconsistently (and redundantly) guards some .MR references with '\%' Need Info gbranden 2023-05-16
 #64189 [PATCH] [me] for -me developers, document @ register 2023-05-14
 #64183 [PATCH] [pdfroff]: sanitize.tmac throws warning when -ww specified 2023-05-11
 #64166 [troff] emboldening request `bd` is broken Ready for Merge gbranden 2023-05-09
 #64155 [PATCH] specifying -fZD on command line generates warnings Ready for Merge gbranden 2023-05-05
 #64144 [man] problems with fonts with no /space glyph and no hyphen glyph Need Info gbranden 2023-05-04
 #64142 .spreadwarn undocumentedly converts units to be relative to font size 2023-05-03
 #64141 [troff] `.b` register does not report emboldening amount 2023-05-03
 #64130 [man] overrides troff's '-f' option Ready for Merge gbranden 2023-04-30
 #64122 [tbl] numeric overflow when restoring hyphenation margin and spacing Ready for Merge gbranden 2023-04-28
 #64114 [pdfpic] when falling back to EPS, should create file in temporary directory, but doesn't Postponed 2023-04-26
 #64105 [eqn] off-by-one error in line numbering In Progress gbranden 2023-04-25
 #64104 [troff] you can set the escape, control, and no-break control characters to the same thing Ready for Merge gbranden 2023-04-24
 #64103 [troff] changing the control character doesn't affect macro definition endings Need Info 2023-04-24
 #64101 improve diagnostic for bad string argument 2023-04-24
 #64087 more explicitly document transition onto first page 2023-04-21
 #64081 [mm] verify that user-configured paragraph indentation is respected Confirmed 2023-04-20
 #64073 [tbl] want 'p' and 'v' column modifiers to support parenthesized arguments 2023-04-20
 #64071 [troff] support construction of proper C strings for request arguments destined for the shell or file system Postponed gbranden 2023-04-19
 #64061 pdfpic.tmac requires non-standard sed feature Ready for Merge gbranden 2023-04-17
 #64060 [gropdf] pdfmom should support --help option Need Info deri 2023-04-17
 #64059 'make install' fails when you build outside the source tree Ready for Merge gbranden 2023-04-17
 #64058 stop endorsing the shebang line space myth gbranden 2023-04-17
 #64055 [pre-html] migrate to posix_spawn() Postponed 2023-04-16
 #64054 [build] replace src/libs/libgroff/getopt.c with gnulib "getopt-gnu" module 2023-04-16
 #64053 [build] clean up use of $(MKDIR_P) 2023-04-16
 #64037 [mdoc] ensure long tables don't get blank lines in their midst when continuously rendering Ready for Merge gbranden 2023-04-12
 #64022 [ms] document how to make your own cover page 2023-04-11
 #64018 [man,mdoc] decide on a common base paragraph indentation Need Info gbranden 2023-04-09
 #64013 [ms] EQ macro ignores second argument if first empty Ready for Merge gbranden 2023-04-06

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