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Release of Liquid War 6 0.6.3902
     posted by ufoot, Thu 07 May 2015 04:46:08 AM UTC

This is a bug-fix release, network still only works at a prototype stage. However, a bunch of bugs have been fixed, including a good deal show-stoppers which were preventing the game from starting some os OS/hardware combinations.

Have a nice day,


Release of Liquid War 6 0.4.3681
     posted by ufoot, Thu 27 Mar 2014 04:00:33 AM UTC

This is a bug-fix release, network works at a prototype stage.

Have a nice day,


Liquid War 6 0.2.3551 released
     posted by ufoot, Sun 05 Jan 2014 01:17:17 PM UTC

After more than two years without a release, here's finally one. No revolution for now, but an important contribution from Epitech students (Epitech is a French IT school) who implemented a libcaca graphical (well, text, for that matter...) backend, as well as a new "handicap" mode. I'm still working on the network stuff - never been so [...]

Liquid War 6 0.0.12beta released
     posted by ufoot, Sun 18 Dec 2011 06:02:48 PM UTC

0.0.12beta is out, quoting NEWS file:

Major improvements include help, tooltips and breadcrumbs displayed within the menus. The network remote node detection is enabled by default, even if network are not yet possible. Map can also have a proper description, mention author and license in the metadata. MS-Windows and Mac OS X packates now [...]

Liquid War 0.0.11beta released
     posted by ufoot, Tue 04 Oct 2011 07:43:10 AM UTC


Liquid War 0.0.11beta has been released.

This releases introduces weapons, to complete the team profiles concept. It also has an exp system which unlocks the next level when you win a given level in solo games, two new bot engines, visual enhancements including a wave effect, a Russian translation, and fixes about 10 outstanding bugs.

Available on:

Have a nice day,


Liquid War 0.0.10beta released
     posted by ufoot, Fri 29 Jul 2011 11:31:15 PM UTC

After almost a whole year, a new LW6 release is finally out. Quoting the NEWS file:

  This releases brings a new concept: "team profiles". Team can
  act differently, some of them being more aggressive but weak,
  some other being faster, and so on. Additionnally, bubbling [...]

Liquid War 6 0.0.9beta released
     posted by ufoot, Mon 23 Aug 2010 11:13:24 PM UTC


Quoting the NEWS file:


  • August 2010: release of 0.0.9beta. This releases fixes bugs 28030 (killing spree with small teams), 30409 (OS/X packaging), and 30354 (libpng detection). Frags are now by default calculated using a new method which gives bonuses to numerous
Liquid War 6 0.0.8beta released
     posted by ufoot, Mon 05 Jul 2010 01:54:51 PM UTC - 1 reply


Liquid War 6 0.0.8beta has been released today, game is now packaged for GNU/Linux, Microsoft Windows and MaOS/X. Has a  bunch of new features including multiple layers, auto speed-calibration, a (totally useless!) splash screen and comes with some music. Network still not working, but getting closer and closer.



Liquid War 6 0.0.7beta released
     posted by ufoot, Sun 04 Oct 2009 01:23:16 AM UTC

This long waited release introduces a dedicated rendering thread, the idea being to use modern and common multicore CPUs at their best capabilities. Game has also been ported to Mac OS X, even if no package is yet available. Among the new features of this release, it is now possible to scroll and zoom on maps, games do end at some point, and a [...]

0.0.6beta, has layer support
     posted by ufoot, Sat 10 Jan 2009 08:50:25 PM UTC


Liquid War 6 0.0.6beta is out.

This release has a remarquable new feature, which is a good example of what was perfectly not doable with old Liquid War 5. Indeed, maps can now have several layers, that is, players can move on different levels. This allows construction of tunnels and bridges, for instance. Additionnally, Debian .deb [...]

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