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Noteworthy changes in release 2014.10.15

Item posted by Peter Simons <simons> on Wed 15 Oct 2014 03:22:27 PM UTC.

A brand-new Github mirror of the Archive's Git repository is available at <>. That project allows developers to submit patches as Pull Requests instead of having to go through Savannah's patch tracker.

The Archive no longer creates release tarballs compressed with gzip and bzip2; only tarballs compressed with xz and lzip are distributed.

AX_LIB_POSTGRESQL: substitute CPPFLAGS rather than CFLAGS.

AX_GCC_ARCHFLAG: Rewrite x86 support <> and extend Clang support <>.

AX_GCC_VAR_ATTRIBUTE: support the init_priority attribute.

AX_PERL_MODULE_VERSION: fix a misspelled variable name. Other unfixed issues remain. See <>.

AX_BOOST_PYTHON: several issue have beeen fixed. Further details can be found at <>.

AX_HAVE_QT: Only check $PATH and qmake for Qt variables. The old logic for detecting Qt without $PATH or qmake was never very reliable and the last change to this macro broke it entirely. If the Qt variables cannot be found via $PATH and qmake, then it would be best to manually define them in the makefile.

AX_TLS: fix quoting problem.

AX_F90_LIBRARY: several bug fixes and improvements. Further details are at <>.

AX_LUA: fix initialization of ac_cv_header_lua_h. Further details are at <>.

AX_AT_CHECK_PATTERN: executes a test similar to AT_CHECK(), except that stdout and stderr are awk regular expressions. Further details can be found at <>.

AX_OPENMP: prevent false negative due to -Wunused-variable.

AX_COMPILER_VENDOR: improve detection of the CRAY compiler.

AX_ENABLE_BUILDDIR: support absolute paths.

AX_HAVE_QT: auto-detect Qt 5 by querying $PATH and qmake. Submitted in <>.

AX_CHECK_ENABLE_DEBUG: add an --enable-debug option which defines an ENABLE_DEBUG cpp variable if set. Submitted in <>.

AX_CODE_COVERAGE: new macro which contains all the necessary logic and Makefile rules for instrumenting a project with code coverage using lcov. Submitted in <>.

AX_LIB_HDF5: don't overwrite the CPPFLAGS variable. Submitted in <>.

AX_BOOST_BASE: fix for x32 systems. This subject probably needs more attention, though. See <>.

AX_BERKELEY_DB(_CXX): add --with-libdb option so that this macros works on OSX with home-brew installed version of BDB. Submitted in <>.

AX_CXX_HAVE_PLACEHOLDERS: check if std::placeholders is defined in <functional>. Submitted it <>.

AX_LIB_HDF5: add support for recognizing HDF5 built with ccache. Submitted in <>.

AX_CC_MAXOPT: Improve CPUID identification patterns as mentioned in patch #8514. Add ICC options added in version 11.0 (which deprecates older -xX style options). Add support for latest Intel performance processors (see #8514 for details). See <>.

AX_EXECINFO: new macro to test execinfo size type. Submitted in <>.

AX_CXX_VAR_PRETTYFUNC: new macro to determine the function name.

AX_CC_MAXOPT: default to -O2 for MSVC instead of -O3.


AX_BOOST_BASE has been extended to recognize ppc64le as a lib64 architecture. Submitted in <>.

AX_PROG_FLEX has been extended to support OpenBSD.

AX_COUNT_CPUS has been extended to support Win32 (and Win64). Further details are at <>.


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