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New release of free UCS outline fonts

Item posted by Primoz Peterlin <peterlin> on Tue 06 Dec 2005 12:30:55 PM UTC.

After a considerable amount of time, a new release of free UCS outline fonts is available on Savannah download area.

All the fonts now conform to MES-1 (Minimum European Subset) of Unicode/ISO 10646. In addition, thanks to Solaiman Karim, Omi Azad, K.H. Hussain and R. Chitrajan, OpenType support for Bengali (in FreeSerif, FreeSerifItalic, FreeSans and FreeSansOblique) and traditional Malayalam (FreeSerif) might be mentioned as major new features. Most reported bugs were also corrected.

We plan to continue development towards MES-2, which will bring complete support for Latin, Cyrillic and Greek alphabets. With the current pace, we will reach this goal in early 2006. Along the way, we are also improving on other areas, such as non-European Latin use, support for Indic scripts etc.

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