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  • Open Item  bugs #46533:  numel() returns negative values for large diagonal matrices  

    • bugs #42425: find fails with OOM on large diagonal matrices
  • Open Item  bugs #46881:  provide hints for possible misspelled symbol names  

  • Open Item  bugs #47241:  classdef: assigning property of handle object in object array constructs new object  

    • bugs #46660: object array writing into class member alters another class member
  • Open Item  bugs #47332:  [octave forge] (ocs) install failure  

    • bugs #47491: pkg: no method to query directories where package is installed
  • Open Item  bugs #48095:  GUI configuration files are undocumented  

    • bugs #40444: On Windows, config & history files etc. should go to %APPDATA%
  • Open Item  bugs #48875:  java integration: function isequal  

  • Open Item  bugs #49068:  Cannot set breakpoints in subfunctions from GUI editor when not using "endfunction" keyword  

  • Open Item  bugs #49446:  Graphics objects (esp. legends) should be manipulated/dragged with the mouse  

    • patch #9986: Plot legend can be moved with mouse in pan mode
  • Open Item  bugs #49886:  ezplot: octave does not warn when function not vectorized  

    • bugs #42691: vectorize(<anonymous function>) fails while <inline> works.
  • Open Item  bugs #49940:  The svd function takes very long time for big matrices  

    • bugs #55564: GESDD: vastly different singular values when vectors are also requested

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