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Item ID Summary Status Assigned to down Submitted
#41003 wget tries to reuse connection despite http/1.0 and no connection: keep-alive In Progress darnir 2013-12-26
#53750 Regex are ignored with ftp Ready for Merge darnir 2018-04-25
#54126 Wget keeps crashing in Windows sometimes when the filename is large enough to scroll it darnir 2018-06-16
#60246 When writing stdout into a pipe, wget never terminates In Progress darnir 2021-03-16
#62137 wget segfaults when using openssl and a FTPS server in TLS 1.3 Ready for Merge darnir 2022-03-03
#20653 Heuristic for determining non-HTML files Confirmed derektdoyle 2007-08-01
#21976 Connection: Keep-alive is ignored when using a proxy. Fixed gscrivano 2008-01-07
#28890 Force retry if rate drops below some threshold In Progress gscrivano 2010-02-13
#29316 --dry-run or --print-uri: print what wget *would* do, but don't do it Wont Fix gscrivano 2010-03-23
#33825 'wget -nc' race condition Wont Fix gscrivano 2011-07-23
#33826 doc: reference to Mozilla's cookie file is out of date Inspected gscrivano 2011-07-23
#33839 wget -nv outputs non-error output to stderr Inspected gscrivano 2011-07-23
#33840 openssl 1.0.0: disable SSLv2 Postponed gscrivano 2011-07-23
#34196 ssl/crypto test should depend on zlib Fixed gscrivano 2011-09-02
#34197 Wrong exit code Fixed gscrivano 2011-09-02
#34413 --no-clobber option does not work for directories Awaiting Approval gscrivano 2011-09-28
#39844 compile with the switch --with-ssl=openssl failed si zlib not installed Fixed gscrivano 2013-08-21
#20738 Wget needs a "reference card" Confirmed jff 2007-08-09
#20327 Add SFTP support Confirmed micahcowan 2007-07-03
#20329 Make HTTP timestamping use If-Modified-Since Awaiting Approval micahcowan 2007-07-03
#20331 robots.txt, robots.txt.html -E -k micahcowan 2007-07-03
#20607 Authentication needs to match RFC 2617 Confirmed micahcowan 2007-07-28
#21408 Refactor, and ensure adequate test coverage. Confirmed micahcowan 2007-10-23
#23259 -O timestamps the named file based on the last download Confirmed micahcowan 2008-05-15
#23094 Password in HTML output for FTP Needs Discussion michaelnovak 2008-04-28
#23096 --no-htmlify does screwy, screwy things on multiple invocations Confirmed michaelnovak 2008-04-28
#28541 Faulty time information in FTP directory listing Needs Investigation 2010-01-10
#28539 Timeout limits ignored with server that fails to accept() Needs Investigation 2010-01-10
#28423 Time stamp of downloaded file does not match server when downloading a single file via ftp 2009-12-28
#27957 wget -i can use up lots of ram if the list is long enough Needs Discussion 2009-11-06
#27787 Allow retrieval of content sent with an http error response. 2009-10-23
#27694 Convert-links misbehaves with redirections. Needs Investigation 2009-10-13
#27584 C99 build with Sun Studio cc fails on Solaris Nevada 2009-10-02
#27541 Test suite assumes byte-preserving filesystem Confirmed 2009-09-27
#27500 MinGW build Confirmed 2009-09-22
#27473 Wget doesn't recurse for redirect-looped pages Confirmed 2009-09-17
#27449 Wget: cookies don't handle backslash Confirmed 2009-09-14
#27412 ./configure: Messages about where to find missing libraries 2009-09-09
#27398 Get Visual Studio builds going again Confirmed 2009-09-08
#63308 wget uses http_proxy variable when I download HSTS http:// link 2022-11-02
#27141 Default timeout and tries waste 2.5 hours before giving up Needs Discussion 2009-07-30
#20297 wget -r -A.gif -nc, deletes preexisting html files In Progress 2007-06-30
#20300 Wget should support digest, NTLM for proxy auth Confirmed 2007-06-30
#20326 Both HTTP and FTP connections should be first-class objects that can be reused after a download is done Confirmed 2007-07-03
#20332 When updating an existing mirror, download to temporary files and rename Needs Discussion 2007-07-03
#20336 Wget should be able to POST actual files, using multipart/form-data Confirmed 2007-07-03
#20362 Compressed transfer support Confirmed 2007-07-06
#20363 Enforce strict download quotas Awaiting Approval 2007-07-06
#20367 asprintf() could loop infinitely in some situations Confirmed 2007-07-06
#20370 wget shouldn't read second wgetrc file, if it's going to fail from the first Confirmed 2007-07-06

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