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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted on
 #53968 Decompressed data is written to WARC file when using --compression=gzip None None 05/24/2018
 #53884 Can wget (and any GNU projects) avoid spitting non-ASCII on the command line??? None None 05/12/2018
 #53818 Proposal: Check HTML suffix (for TEXTHTML flag) also on unchanged files None None 05/03/2018
 #53750 Regex are ignored with ftp Confirmed None 04/25/2018
 #53622 wget no_proxy leading dot on (sub)domains not working contradicting man page None None 04/12/2018
 #53322 Add option to let page-requisites bypass no-parent None None 03/11/2018
 #53191 wget doesn't unzip data even with an Encoding:gzip header None None 02/20/2018
 #53021 Ability to provide password per-instance None None 01/30/2018
 #53020 wget -b produces empty wget-log file None None 01/30/2018
 #52986 Does not compile due to Python None None 01/27/2018
 #52705 HTML assets embedding with --page-requisites None None 12/20/2017
 #52633 customizable list of HTTP status codes for which to save server response None None 12/10/2017
 #52531 Content-Disposition parameter continuations should use filename*0*= not filename**0= None None 11/27/2017
 #52356 Characters scrolling leave last character on the screen None None 11/06/2017
 #51840 Local file corruption using default retry mechanism when retry returns no data None None 08/24/2017
 #51752 Tag <srcset> not downloaded within <picture> tag None None 08/14/2017
 #51666 Please hash the hostname in ~/.wget-hsts files None None 08/05/2017
 #51576 wget incorrectly uses strncmp() and similar in many places None None 07/25/2017
 #51284 Wget incorrectly parses FTP listing if filenames have leading spaces None None 06/21/2017
 #51250 support for html5 video <track> element None None 06/16/2017
 #51239 Option for fileviewer None None 06/15/2017
 #51029 Reproducible Segmentation Fault in 1.16, 1.18, 1.19 Confirmed None 05/15/2017
 #50935 TEXTHTML not properly set if page is already downloaded Confirmed None 05/04/2017
 #50788 Build failure against openssl-1.1 that lacks deprecated features None None 04/12/2017
 #50528 make check (iri-disabled) fails on mac os x Inspected None 03/13/2017
 #50516 domain.com vs www.domain.com site duplication None None 03/11/2017
 #50514 Convert Links touching embedded Javascript Duplicate None 03/11/2017
 #50431 wget crash when pulling files with Arabic characters in the filename None None 03/01/2017
 #50383 --local-encoding isn't used when converting a relative link in a recursive download Confirmed None 02/22/2017
 #50320 Bad link conversion with mixed HTTP/HTTPS content plus --mirror --adjust-extension None None 02/15/2017
 #50250 not reading ~/.netrc anymore Fixed None 02/08/2017
 #50219 ftp.c calls abort() under certain error conditions None None 02/03/2017
 #50173 wget not converting links and downloading correctly None None 01/29/2017
 #49998 Option to download favicon.ico None None 01/06/2017
 #49439 Incorrect message in log file None None 10/25/2016
 #49429 Option to update a mirror of a section of a web site None None 10/24/2016
 #49226 Add possibility to append to existing WARC file None None 09/29/2016
 #48708 Wget downloads file but refuses to examine it for links to follow None None 08/05/2016
 #48634 MAC OS : Building with "--with-ssl=openssl" error None None 07/26/2016
 #48502 Segfault when trying to use WGET None None 07/13/2016
 #48301 NTLM Authentication Fails When --content-dispotion added None None 06/23/2016
 #48281 iri tests fails after 59b920874daa565a1323ffa1e756e80493190686 (Support non-ASCII URLs) on illumos Confirmed None 06/21/2016
 #48236 Add an option to retry download if name resolution fails None None 06/15/2016
 #48232 Sometimes wget restarts download from the beginning, even if the server supports resumed downloads None None 06/15/2016
 #48150 403 error in downloading file Need Info None 06/06/2016
 #48123 wget clobbers file if partial download fails and retry is enabled In Progress None 06/04/2016
 #47533 [RFE] consolidate metalink options None None 03/25/2016
 #47532 [RFE] support xml metalinks None None 03/25/2016

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