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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted on
 #60346 Failed to rename file to file.1: (17) File exists Needs Investigation rockdaboot 2021-04-05
 #60289 wget --continue: Range header is included in other options' HEAD requests 2021-03-25
 #60287 Windows recursive download escapes utf8 URLs twice 2021-03-25
 #60246 When writing stdout into a pipe, wget never terminates 2021-03-16
 #60244 With -A, the no-clobbering does not work anymore 2021-03-16
 #60242 Typo in the output when user enters "wget" only. 2021-03-16
 #60241 netrc: only remove backslash when we have quotes 2021-03-16
 #60142 if stylesheet filename differs only after ~200 chars, the last overwrites all previous and convert-links fails 2021-02-28
 #60106 wget mistakenly interprets Content-Range as bytes and truncates content Confirmed 2021-02-23
 #59954 wget assumes ftp server of type UNIX knows LIST -a command while this is not always true Confirmed rockdaboot 2021-01-27
 #59903 regex.c in trunk and 1.12.1 - ./malloc/dynarray-skeleton.c:205:40: error: expected identifier or '(' 2021-01-18
 #59715 -q --quiet option is not clear enough in man pages 2020-12-17
 #59497 Oops -N documentation is under -nc 2020-11-21
 #59363 wget with --wait (crawling specific domain's specific url with wait) 2020-10-27
 #59320 wget does not obey timestamping option when destination file is owned by "nobody" 2020-10-22
 #59293 wget downloads nofollow links 2020-10-18
 #59086 --page-requisites not always working when creating a warc file 2020-09-09
 #58877 Unexpected "Redirecting output to 'wget-log'." v1.20.3 regression 2020-08-02
 #58525 HTTP request sent, awaiting response... Read error (Bad file descriptor) in headers. 2020-06-07
 #58484 certificate expired 2020-06-02
 #58354 Wget doesn't parse URIs starting with http:/ Confirmed 2020-05-12
 #58201 Please provide retry on HTTP proxy errors 2020-04-18
 #58160 wrong filename encoding used in mirror mode 2020-04-11
 #58097 Wget doesn't download intermediate certificates when not supplied in the response Confirmed 2020-04-01
 #57686 Basic Auth: make auth-no-challenge mode by default 2020-01-28
 #57002 Suggestion: “--abort-on-http-error” feature (natively). 2019-10-05
 #56992 Support --retry-on-http-error ranges 2019-10-04
 #56909 wget Authorization header leak via 3xx redirects 2019-09-17
 #56808 wget uses HEAD method when both --spider and --post-data options are used 2019-08-26
 #56660 wget -r or mirror with robots-off should still download robots.txt file Confirmed 2019-07-23
 #56648 Add HTTP request header to file 2019-07-19
 #56379 Update man wget Documentation for -O 2019-05-23
 #56091 Spanning host -H explanation unclear meaning 2019-04-07
 #55771 content-disposition not respected with long URLs (such as AWS) Inspected 2019-02-23
 #55603 Naive comment type in use by webdevs not recognized 2019-01-29
 #55087 Please add parsing of picture element sources to `wget -r` 2018-11-24
 #54769 Disable automatic wget headers 2018-10-02
 #54126 Wget keeps crashing in Windows sometimes when the filename is large enough to scroll it darnir 2018-06-16
 #53818 Proposal: Check HTML suffix (for TEXTHTML flag) also on unchanged files Inspected 2018-05-03
 #53750 Regex are ignored with ftp Ready for Merge darnir 2018-04-25
 #53622 wget no_proxy leading dot on (sub)domains not working contradicting man page 2018-04-12
 #53021 Ability to provide password per-instance 2018-01-30
 #52633 customizable list of HTTP status codes for which to save server response 2017-12-10
 #52531 Content-Disposition parameter continuations should use filename*0*= not filename**0= 2017-11-27
 #52356 Characters scrolling leave last character on the screen 2017-11-06
 #51840 Local file corruption using default retry mechanism when retry returns no data 2017-08-24
 #51752 Tag <srcset> not downloaded within <picture> tag 2017-08-14

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