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#55799 -a output does not heed .char definitions 2019-02-28
#62619 .../libgroff.am: replace some files with gnulib modules 2022-06-12
#57601 .hy 8 inhibits some breakpoints that it should not 2020-01-15
#57538 .ne is off by one in some macro packages even when using no other facilities of that package Need Info gbranden 2020-01-04
#50770 .PSPIC macro at bottom of page causes unwarranted page break Confirmed 2017-04-09
#64142 .spreadwarn undocumentedly converts units to be relative to font size 2023-05-03
#55154 .tr has undocumented and inconsistent space-character restrictions Need Info 2018-12-03
#61052 .version file not updated as aggressively as it should be Need Info gbranden 2021-08-17
#65099 1.24.0 release goals In Progress gbranden 2023-12-31
#65698 Add "maintainer-font-descriptions" make(1) targets for *todit utilities 2024-05-06
#65697 Add info to comment headers of font description files groff tools generate 2024-05-06
#65861 add macro set to support German national standard DIN 5008 2024-06-09
#59290 add register to enable/disable backtraces on diagnostics 2020-10-17
#61450 Add warning for extraneous arguments to requests 2021-11-09
#60661 addftinfo: fails to emit diagnostic when option argument missing 2021-05-24
#58450 additional inter-sentence spaces should be stretched in fully justified text 2020-05-27
#56499 adjacent trap behavior undocumented and probably undesirable Confirmed 2019-06-15
#59284 afmtodit: Check GROFF_FONT_PATH for textmap 2020-10-16
#59932 allow characters defined with .*char requests to be kerned 2021-01-23
#60587 Allow font files to specify kern pairs for characters in different fonts 2021-05-12
#61919 are the new English hyphenation patterns really an improvement? Need Info 2022-01-25
#59397 Assign default .hcode values to alphabetic characters in groff's default character set Need Info 2020-11-02
#62676 better document PDF generation 2022-06-27
#65800 bootstrap oddity: .gitignore discrepancy Need Info 2024-05-28
#46914 breaking behavior inconsistent within a .ce block 2016-01-17
#61709 build and ship PDF docs alongside PostScript 2021-12-20
#64910 build failure with clang++ on z/OS (include assert.h _after_ config.h) Need Info 2023-11-19
#55108 busgrap: New pre-processor for business charts deri 2018-11-26
#54473 chess_board.roff: Many registers are not defined 2018-08-08
#52433 Commit [09040dbf] is wrong: bad bounds check in pre-html.cpp Need Info 2017-11-17
#44714 compatibility mode: .do request and macro expansion via \* collide Confirmed 2015-04-03
#60613 configure script should use our BuildFoundries.pl instead of gs -h to locate URW fonts gbranden 2021-05-16
#61063 configure: error, PKG_PROG_PKG_CONFIG not found with new "automake" ("autoconf") 2021-08-19
#64612 consider an environment variable for general resources/inclusions Need Info 2023-08-30
#55027 contrib/hdtbl/hdmisc.tmac: register '<<' uninitialized Need Info 2018-11-15
#59933 Curly brackets displayed correctly in ps, but not in pdf Need Info deri 2021-01-23
#58500 default value for second parameter to .ss should follow modern typographic convention Need Info gbranden 2020-06-05
#64579 deprecate driver-specific `internalname` member variable 2023-08-21
#63074 develop convention for encoding Unicode character sequences for passage to device control commands Need Info gbranden 2022-09-17
#59402 discordance between preconv and groff 2020-11-03
#64728 diversion widths reported when using eqn mark/lineup feature inconsistent with Heirloom Need Info 2023-09-30
#62594 doc/groff.texi: add example: redefine a special character for a specific style 2022-06-07
#60233 doc/groff.texi: ambiguity in .tkf documentation Need Info 2021-03-14
#59434 doc/groff.texi: document .if / .ie interaction more clearly 2020-11-09
#57855 doc/webpage.ms: replace with RELNOTES.ms 2020-02-19
#61958 document all shipped tmac files somewhere In Progress gbranden 2022-01-29
#63028 document nroff \o limitations in modern terminal emulators 2022-09-07
#56500 documentation should mention trap restriction 2019-06-15
#57622 drop doc-old.tmac-u from groff distribution Confirmed schwarze 2020-01-17
#65724 drop support for CCSID (code page) 1047 (EBCDIC) In Progress gbranden 2024-05-11

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