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#65980 emit (better) diagnostics on bad input files 21:53
#65977 [troff] `device` request should diagnose if used too early 2024-07-11
#65976 [docs] migrate away from "anything" terminology 2024-07-11
#65975 pre-html.cpp: null destination pointer [-Wformat-truncation=] 2024-07-10
#65974 [groff/configure] add font path, $XDG_DATA_HOME/fonts to groff.m4 Need Info deri 2024-07-10
#65967 [PATCH] [docs] Say "input" instead of "input file" where appropriate Need Info barx 2024-07-09
#65961 [grohtml] pre-html.cpp: suppress certain warnings from pnmcrop gbranden 2024-07-07
#65955 [troff] enable "input" warning category by default and add one-off alert 2024-07-05
#65954 [troff] next-generation alignment and adjustment control 2024-07-05
#65936 [grohtml] litters working directory with 0-length image files Need Info 2024-07-01
#65930 [me] large values of register `tv` cause infinite trap recursion Need Info gbranden 2024-06-29
#65910 [pic] some dashed ellipse sizes produce irregular dashes Confirmed 2024-06-22
#65885 env.cpp: warning about "-Woverloaded-virtual=" 2024-06-15
#65861 add macro set to support German national standard DIN 5008 2024-06-09
#65829 [troff] want way to translate a character to \~ 2024-06-03
#65809 [soelim] extend to deal with compressed files like 'zsoelim' does Postponed 2024-05-29
#65800 bootstrap oddity: .gitignore discrepancy Need Info 2024-05-28
#65763 strictly compare strings in macro packages 2024-05-20
#65724 drop support for CCSID (code page) 1047 (EBCDIC) In Progress gbranden 2024-05-11
#65716 We don't seem to be using the "latest" glyphlist.txt to generate the tables for afmtodit. 2024-05-08
#65702 tmac/doc.tmac: compatibility mode not restored at end 2024-05-06
#65699 Update the procedure documented in "FOR-RELEASE" 2024-05-06
#65698 Add "maintainer-font-descriptions" make(1) targets for *todit utilities 2024-05-06
#65697 Add info to comment headers of font description files groff tools generate 2024-05-06
#65693 exceptions to NBSP statement in groff_char(7) should be documented 2024-05-06
#65619 [afmtodit] want a default value for space width if unspecified Need Info deri 2024-04-21
#65558 [UPGRADE] improve paragraph formatting within groff's line-at-a-time processing 2024-04-05
#65549 [troff] automatic hyphenation suppressed with leading `\%` roars back to life after break 2024-04-02
#65512 [afmtodit] recognize groff's ligatures when encoded with underscores in a font file 2024-03-25
#65452 [indxbib] possibly incomplete bounds check after strtol(3) 2024-03-11
#65451 [PATCH] Remove redundant tests In Progress gbranden 2024-03-11
#65415 [gropdf] Do the correct font description files get installed? 2024-03-05
#65403 [troff] meaning of ".if c" in nroff mode undocumented 2024-03-02
#65354 [pdfmark] using -mspdf with -Tpdf signals error: pdfhref:init: unknown feature '-PT' Confirmed 2024-02-24
#65344 want a more limited no-space mode 2024-02-22
#65322 [troff] chopping box diversions can crash the formatter Unreproducible 2024-02-16
#65320 [pdf] doesn't guard control characters when emitting bookmark diversion Postponed gbranden 2024-02-16
#65248 [eqn] doesn't detect recursive macro definitions, permitting infinite loops 2024-02-04
#65242 [gropdf] should validate and diagnose ill-formed "download" files deri 2024-02-03
#65201 [mm] support section-page numbering style in index 2024-01-24
#65190 [man,mdoc] revise implementation of continuous rendering mode Confirmed gbranden 2024-01-22
#65189 [grotty] table output broken after movement of one row Confirmed gbranden 2024-01-22
#65180 [xditview,groff] warnings from -Wanalyzer-null-dereference -fanalyzer 2024-01-18
#65117 [pdfmark] premature page break in "pdfmark.ms" output with page size A4 Unreproducible 2024-01-04
#65109 [troff] no diagnostic in nroff mode when composite character unavailable 2024-01-03
#65108 [troff] support construction of general file name request arguments 2024-01-02
#65102 [mdoc] objection to title heading rendering in 1.23.0 Need Info gbranden 2023-12-31
#65101 [mdoc] topics in "Name" section set in roman since 1.23.0 Need Info gbranden 2023-12-31
#65099 1.24.0 release goals In Progress gbranden 2023-12-31
#65098 merge branch deri-gropdf-ng to master In Progress gbranden 2023-12-30

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