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 #55215 [PATCH] gpinyin.1.man: Unknown characters and failed adjustment None None 22:30
 #55206 groffer: Uninitialized variable in "main_subs.pl" None None 2018-12-11
 #55155 .tr is overzealous in nroff output None None 2018-12-03
 #55154 .tr has undocumented and inconsistennt space-character restrictions None None 2018-12-03
 #55136 [PATCH] s.tmac: Check the closure of the .DS macro (display) None None 2018-11-29
 #55124 doc/groff.texi: text about negative .pl values needs clarification None None 2018-11-28
 #55109 [PATCH] s.tmac: Add the name of the calling macro to a diagnostic None None 2018-11-27
 #55108 New pre-processor for business charts None deri 2018-11-26
 #55107 PDFPIC: .psbb: support extraction of MediaBox from pdf files None None 2018-11-26
 #55099 undiagnosed error leads to misbehavior None None 2018-11-26
 #55091 stop stripping comments and spaces from installed macro packages None None 2018-11-25
 #55084 [PATCH] contrib/groff_filenames.5.man: Minor formatting changes None None 2018-11-24
 #55081 me: two-column output does not work with very long page lengths None None 2018-11-23
 #55070 [wishlist] Next-generation hyphenation control None None 2018-11-21
 #55060 me: behavior of .ll does not match documentation None None 2018-11-19
 #55044 hdtbl: missing space after call to macro t*SP Confirmed None 2018-11-17
 #55042 [PATCH] The character \[u00A0] is not recognized None None 2018-11-17
 #55035 UTF-8 strings not properly preconv'd when defined using -d None None 2018-11-16
 #55027 [PATCH] contrib/hdtbl/hdmisc.tmac: Define register '<<' Need Info None 2018-11-15
 #55018 [PATCH] src/utils/indxbib/signal.c: define _POSIX_C_SOURCE Confirmed bgarrigues 2018-11-13
 #55007 [PATCH] contrib/hdtbl/examples: Flush the output before a table None None 2018-11-11
 #54909 mm: paragraph indention after heading; extra space between heading and list None None 2018-10-29
 #54702 [PATCH] hdb.cpp: Add information for the compiler to avoid lack of clarity Confirmed bgarrigues 2018-09-20
 #54666 [PATCH] pic.ypp: useless rule in parser due to conflicts Need Info None 2018-09-15
 #54539 [PATCH] hdmisc.tmac-u: Avoid a warning about a tab character in this source None None 2018-08-19
 #54538 [PATCH] hdmisc.tmac-u: macro t*index: Fix the end value of a while loop None None 2018-08-19
 #54475 hdtbl.tmac-u: String variable 't*held' is not defined when used None None 2018-08-08
 #54474 hdtbl.tmac-u: String variable 't*kept' is not defined when used Invalid None 2018-08-08
 #54473 Subject: chess_board.roff: Many registers are not defined Invalid None 2018-08-08
 #54461 [PATCH] hdtbl.am: Allow "groff" to use its diagnostic power Postponed None 2018-08-07
 #54214 grodvi: slanted dollar sign None None 2018-06-30
 #54213 grodvi: broken ^ and ~ None None 2018-06-30
 #54101 documentation for .ss either incorrect or incomplete Confirmed None 2018-06-12
 #53837 Feature request: mechanism to control .hw/.hy interaction None None 2018-05-04
 #53834 [PATCH] an-old.tmac: Macro "IR", conserve space at the beginning of an argument Need Info gbranden 2018-05-04
 #53541 [PATCH] tmac/an-old.tmac: move or add an italic correction to the right place None None 2018-04-01
 #53413 [PATCH] Add hyphenation patterns to use with US and hy=48 Need Info None 2018-03-22
 #53332 Makefile: "momtmacdir", "otherdocdir", and "tmacdir" are named twice in an argument list Need Info None 2018-03-12
 #53314 [PATCH] strip.sed: Keep the protection (and visibility) of spaces Need Info gbranden 2018-03-10
 #53161 mdoc.tmac: ".Bl -columns" splits a long last column wrongly Confirmed None 2018-02-14
 #53052 [PATCH] manuals: Use correct macro, "BR" or "B" in a macro ("esc" and "EnvVar") None None 2018-02-02
 #53043 [PATCH] an-old.tmac: Check the number of arguments for some macros None None 2018-02-02
 #52990 [PATCH] s.tmac: Update default value for register ".warn" None None 2018-01-28
 #52983 [PATCH] troffrc: Define register 'F' to avoid warnings None None 2018-01-27
 #52865 lib-driver, input: Df broken (since 2002) Need Info None 2018-01-11
 #52526 [gn]roff: no warning or error when a line ends with "\{" None None 2017-11-27
 #52521 [PATCH] contrib/.../man pages: Remove unnecessary ".nh/.hy" pairs None None 2017-11-26
 #52517 src: adjustments of a line can break down if it contains "\~" None None 2017-11-26
 #52486 [PATCH] groff_hdtbl.7.man: remove .nh/.hy pairs related to .nf/.fi pairs None None 2017-11-23
 #52463 anything that talks to standard error should identify itself In Progress gbranden 2017-11-20

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