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 #61878 [tbl] should warn when a boxed, non-kept table is too big 09:04
 #61854 [tbl] tables lacking 'x' column modifier don't get table width warnings In Progress gbranden 2022-01-19
 #61853 [ms] XA does not suppress leader if given "no" argument In Progress gbranden 2022-01-19
 #61836 want a page resequencer for intermediate output 2022-01-17
 #61833 gnulib module "posixcheck" reveals some defects 2022-01-16
 #61832 Makefile.am: "posixcheck" gnulib module, if added, complains about MOSTLYCLEANDIRS 2022-01-16
 #61831 safer.tmac: kill off 2022-01-16
 #61829 [libdriver] unhelpful diagnostics when font nonexistent In Progress gbranden 2022-01-15
 #61828 make .tkf use same amount of space before and after each affected glyph 2022-01-15
 #61820 groff_tmac(5): reorganize and move to section 7 2022-01-14
 #61819 lj4_font(5): merge into grolj4(1) 2022-01-14
 #61818 groff_filenames(5): retire man page 2022-01-14
 #61817 ditroff(7): retire man page 2022-01-14
 #61798 [grohtml] "invalid argument 'H' to output suppression escape sequence" 2022-01-11
 #61751 want metric 'type' data for character-cell fonts 2021-12-31
 #61736 bootstrap.conf: fix value of "gnulib_name" (with a fix) Need Info 2021-12-28
 #61710 [me] $v and $V are in the wrong namespace Need Info gbranden 2021-12-21
 #61709 build and ship PDF docs alongside PostScript 2021-12-20
 #61708 bootstrap.conf: update to adjust to latest changes in "gnulib" 2021-12-20
 #61700 Makefile.am: update for future automake changes 2021-12-18
 #61644 pic/object.cpp: warning about "alloc-size-larger-than=" 2021-12-08
 #61643 grops: core dump when running and compiled with -Wsanitize=undefined 2021-12-08
 #61597 [tbl] make "|" column classifier output less ugly in nroff mode 2021-12-01
 #61561 [grotty] remove 'sgr' device control command Confirmed gbranden 2021-11-25
 #61559 tbl does not accept perverse tab and delim characters 2021-11-25
 #61550 [PATCH] grn.1.man: use a unique character for the tabulator in a table Postponed 2021-11-24
 #61507 want mechanism for more reliable absolute vertical positioning Need Info 2021-11-19
 #61467 [PATCH] doc/pic.ms: Use the name rather than the symbol for a unit Need Info 2021-11-11
 #61455 [PATCH] doc/pic.ms: Avoid a yellow background for text when the device uses "tty.tmac" 2021-11-10
 #61453 want native mechanism for continuous (non-paginated) rendering 2021-11-10
 #61450 Add warning for extraneous arguments to requests 2021-11-09
 #61439 [tmac] test "an_inner-footer-abbreviation-works.sh" fails if package defaults changed Need Info gbranden 2021-11-07
 #61434 [man] want support for hyperlinked paragraph tags 2021-11-06
 #61432 [PATCH] [doc] fix explanations of units "em" and "en" 2021-11-06
 #61430 [PATCH] [manuals] Fix spelling of 'Techical' 2021-11-05
 #61428 [me] new page-length restriction too restrictive Need Info gbranden 2021-11-05
 #61423 [libgroff] allow paths in "name" directive of font description file, restoring historical groff behavior Need Info gbranden 2021-11-04
 #61407 Remove spurious error messages generated by pdf.tmac In Progress deri 2021-11-01
 #61394 [troff] emits U+2010 HYPHEN when interpolating negative register values Postponed 2021-10-27
 #61379 [tmac] Detect use of preprocessor "tbl" and "table wider than line" Need Info gbranden 2021-10-25
 #61276 [PATCH] .Ql macro in troff-mode does not put text in single quotes Need Info 2021-10-04
 #61167 "make man" does not generate manpages, as it should Need Info 2021-09-15
 #61157 [ms]: Add support for user-defined styling of TOC leaders In Progress gbranden 2021-09-14
 #61123 make macro package localization more robust gbranden 2021-09-07
 #61100 [troff] do_request(): assertion failed: 'do_old_compatible_flag == -1' Postponed gbranden 2021-09-01
 #61063 configure: error, PKG_PROG_PKG_CONFIG not found with new "automake" ("autoconf") 2021-08-19
 #61062 [PATCH] Errors from a new "automake" about undefined macros "AC_..." 2021-08-19
 #61059 configure.ac: 'AC_FOREACH' is obsolete 2021-08-18
 #61055 [me] Explain how -me documents can use groff's unlimited number of environments 2021-08-18
 #61054 [me] refine .ll and .xl documentation 2021-08-18

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