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 #60590 [mdoc] all vertical spacing disappears during particular batch processing 08:28
 #60589 andoc.tmac: mysterious page number 0a in batch rendering 07:56
 #60587 Allow font files to specify kern pairs for characters in different fonts 2021-05-12
 #60571 Footnote markers defeat end-of-sentence recognition 2021-05-10
 #60566 gpinyin: puts tone mark on the wrong vowel in syllabic vowel clusters 2021-05-09
 #60558 -ms macros should support pic's .PF 2021-05-08
 #60553 changing line spacing alters header vertical placement 2021-05-08
 #60536 separate concepts of device and output encoding 2021-05-06
 #60526 buggy HTML output using -me macros with gremlin preprocessor 2021-05-05
 #60512 [ms] want AD string to control default adjustment mode gbranden 2021-05-03
 #60504 [PATCH] document .PF macro in pic(1) and add it to -mpic 2021-05-03
 #60479 tmac/e.tmac-u is missing .PF macro documented in doc/meref.me 2021-04-29
 #60478 [PATCH] doc/meref.me: unclear documentation of macros .IE, .IF, .GE, .GF 2021-04-29
 #60421 grog fails to infer -s and -t options 2021-04-20
 #60404 doc/groff.texi: update/restore .ss example 2021-04-16
 #60398 [PATCH] contrib/mm/m.tmac: initialize two strings "let*..." to avoid warnings 2021-04-14
 #60397 [PATCH] contrib/mm/m.tmac: define string "RE" before it is used as the version 2021-04-14
 #60390 contrib/mm/groff_mm.7.man: missing documentation about an absent salutation 2021-04-14
 #60389 [PATCH] contrib/mm/m.tmac: omit a comma, if macro "let@sg_SP" is called with one argument 2021-04-13
 #60388 [PATCH] contrib/mm/m.tmac: quote the argument of "misc@toupper" in macro "let@print-head" 2021-04-13
 #60373 One letter type (.LT SP) not working correctly in -mm 2021-04-11
 #60345 src/libs/libxutil/libxutil.am: add "lib/free.o" for linking Need Info 2021-04-05
 #60339 lib/unistd.in.h: compilation error: "config.h" is missing Need Info 2021-04-05
 #60338 compilation error: undefined reference to "rpl_free" Need Info 2021-04-05
 #60305 chem(1) still links to long-gone http://cm.bell-labs.com/ Need Info gbranden 2021-03-29
 #60260 Incorrect warnings of dangling .el with bracket-less nesting 2021-03-19
 #60233 doc/groff.texi: ambiguity in .tkf documentation 2021-03-14
 #60217 Handling of V=n build flag inflexible 2021-03-12
 #60140 tbl: disables line numbering after tables gbranden 2021-02-28
 #60061 Narrow scope of groff Texinfo manual gbranden 2021-02-15
 #60060 support other printing directions (right to left, top to bottom) 2021-02-15
 #60052 tbl: output HTML 2021-02-14
 #60034 [mdoc]: .Mt should validate its arguments 2021-02-10
 #59980 [PATCH] soelim.1.man: Replace an '.EX /.EE' block containing a diagram with a table 2021-01-30
 #59962 soelim(1) man page uses pic diagram--should it? Need Info gbranden 2021-01-28
 #59933 Curly brackets displayed correctly in ps, but not in pdf Works For Me deri 2021-01-23
 #59932 allow characters defined with .*char requests to be kerned 2021-01-23
 #59920 [PATCH] -me documentation terminology cleanup Need Info gbranden 2021-01-21
 #59906 [ms] alias MINGW register to GW Need Info 2021-01-19
 #59892 translating defined glyphs: undocumented limitations 2021-01-17
 #59825 [ms] implement SG macro gbranden 2021-01-05
 #59817 [PATCH] src/roff/troff/input.cpp: Flatten .ec parser Need Info gbranden 2021-01-04
 #59753 [PATCH] src/roff/grog/subs.pl: Add file extensions "posix" and "tcl" 2020-12-22
 #59750 italic correction sometimes fails when the same glyphs are invoked with different input 2020-12-21
 #59738 mdoc: .Lk suppresses end-of-sentence recognition 2020-12-20
 #59664 [PATCH] grog/subs.pl: Increase the number of files that are identified correctly 2020-12-12
 #59622 [PATCH] grog/subs.pl: Ignore lines added in front of ".TH" by "pod2man" 2020-12-04
 #59604 [ms] odd .IP indentation after .SH 1 with .nr PSINCR 3p .nr GROWPS 3 2020-12-02
 #59563 [PATCH] mm/5.MT: macro 'cov@print-title' lacks a check for macro 'cov*title' 2020-11-28
 #59545 MORE.STUFF: Add material about "mandoc" and "demandoc" 2020-11-25

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