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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted
#34471 [Bindings] No binding exposed on <NSTextFieldCell> for value In Progress gcasa 2011-10-04
#34467 -[NSView bitmapImageRepForCachingDisplayInRect:] broken Confirmed 2011-10-03
#33574 NSPasteboard doesn't support reading URLs using NSPasteboardURLReadingFileURLsOnlyKey 2011-06-15
#33094 [Gorm] Document window should additionally represent objects in an outline view 2011-04-15
#33093 Views pasted when a view is selected should become subviews 2011-04-15
#32876 GNUstep-base/-gui/-back should support building outside of the source directory 2011-03-22
#32847 copy/paste of rich text from non-GS X11 apps to Ink loses formatting 2011-03-19
#32846 page contents bottom-aligned when printing with libart Confirmed 2011-03-18
#32509 [Gorm] Changing class of a Window Postponed gcasa 2011-02-16
#32173 fix compilation warnings on openbsd for gsldap 2011-01-19
#32056 theming of images problematic gui/Thematic 2011-01-05
#31501 JIGS does not support properties Ready For Test pooouf 2010-10-30
#30992 [gorm] image resource handling In Progress gcasa 2010-09-07
#30493 -[NSFont fontWithName:matrix:] does not match OSX when in a flipped view In Progress FredKiefer 2010-07-19
#30393 [NSLayoutManager -setShowsControlCharacters:YES] does not work 2010-07-08
#30299 Renaissance needs to link against needed libraries 2010-06-30
#30086 defaults write doesn't support -dict-add, -array-add CaS 2010-06-08
#30051 NSUserKeyEquivalents default not supported 2010-06-04
#29909 Renaissance: bezelStyle not supported on buttons 2010-05-19
#29850 [Windows XP][WinUX theme][Windows classic theme] NSSlider draws wrong slider knob 2010-05-10
#29848 [Windows XP][WinUX theme][Windows classic theme] Highlight of Default-NSButtons drawn incorrectly 2010-05-10
#29847 [Windows XP][WinUX theme][Windows classic theme] NSButtons don't draw their upper and left bezel 2010-05-10
#29784 NSApplication orderFrontStandardAboutPanelWithOptions: seems to work different than on OSX please verify 2010-05-05
#29782 [Windows XP][WinUX theme][Windows classic theme] The WinUXTheme ignores most changes to font settings of Windows XP 2010-05-05
#29780 [Gorm][WinUX theme][Windows XP] hide doesn't hide all windows 2010-05-04
#29762 [Gorm][WinUX theme] bug in hide functionality Confirmed gcasa 2010-05-03
#29761 renaissance popup buttons too wide on OS X 2010-05-03
#29611 Connection list on Windows has issues. gcasa 2010-04-19
#28714 On Windows, transparency is not supported in drawing 2010-01-22
#28585 Unable to edit columns of tables inside a TabView in Gorm. 2010-01-13
#27337 Window ordering does not work consistently on GNOME/KDE 2009-08-27
#26364 Menus on which are adjusted to display on GNOME are not tracking properly... 2009-04-27
#26156 NSScrollView scrolls in the wrong direction when attempting to drag and drop items into it.... 2009-04-11
#26155 Gorm currently does not fully support Standalone views. In Progress gcasa 2009-04-11
#26124 Save Panel doesn't have a New Folder button 2009-04-08
#26120 launcher output stops to show contents 2009-04-08
#25908 NSCursor don't work on Windows. 2009-03-18
#25843 running without a windowmanager 2009-03-12
#25740 switching to the next responder sometimes gets real slow 2009-03-01
#25658 dragging a table in diagram view problem Confirmed 2009-02-21
#25625 NSPopUpButton menus pop up and track very badly Need Info 2009-02-18
#25411 dragging destination receiving mask of NSDragOperationNone Need Info FredKiefer 2009-01-26
#25395 event key codes incompatible to apple Need Info 2009-01-24
#25306 Gorm does not display menus in nib files that contain multiple context menus. In Progress gcasa 2009-01-13
#25284 Adding outlets and actions could be smoother gcasa 2009-01-09
#25276 Cursor is not placed correctly when using tabs in NSTextView FredKiefer 2009-01-08
#25064 seg.fault on FT_New_Size when using art back 2008-12-10
#24932 Copy and paste does not work while editing the text of NSTextField controls in design windows In Progress gcasa 2008-11-25
#24931 Select All menu item has no effect in text fields Confirmed 2008-11-25
#24778 Alternate menu items aren’t supported—both menu items are shown 2008-11-08

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