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Item ID Summary Status down Assigned to Submitted
#61327 Support for birth time Fixed berny 2021-10-10
#62227 Incorrect warning for -name / Fixed berny 2022-03-28
#63934 tests/xargs/verbose-quote.sh fails with dash shell as /bin/sh Fixed berny 2023-03-16
#63949 find -inum (without argument) print worng error message Fixed berny 2023-03-21
#64717 find-4.9.0: aborted after assertion at line 3179 of parser.c Fixed berny 2023-09-26
#64876 Minor typo in updatedb(1) man page Fixed berny 2023-11-09
#64900 Cannot search for files/folders with user/group id bigger than 2147483647 Fixed berny 2023-11-16
#43507 find fails on -exec, -execdir, -ok, -okdir Invalid jay 2014-10-31
#49147 Tab character replaced by question mark ("?") when locate outputs to tty Invalid jay 2016-09-21
#56823 -regextype egrep compatibility issue, requires full string match as opposed to egrep Invalid jay 2019-08-28
#46305 Doing "find -L . -type d -delete" fails on symlinks to directories. Wont Fix jay 2015-10-27
#8599 updatedb / locate is unusable over NFS Postponed 2004-04-16
#17410 [wishlist] updatedb flexibility/doc Postponed 2006-08-12
#19374 Insufficient quoting of PRUNEPATHS in updatedb Postponed 2007-03-21
#19485 feature request: storing relative pathnames in locate databases Postponed 2007-04-02
#20510 [wishlist] updatedb does not use gettext Postponed 2007-07-18
#22467 updatedb: --prunepaths doesn't allow directories with whitespace Postponed 2008-03-03
#22715 find command for NETPATHS in updatedb is inconsistent with that for SEARCHPATHS Postponed jay 2008-03-24
#26945 [wishlist] locate-d: dynamic updates using dnotify, inotify or fsnotify Postponed 2009-07-03
#47261 find produces two different results for the same command Works For Me jay 2016-02-25
#58156 Order of xargs -L and -I flags matters Duplicate berny 2020-04-10
#27558 [wishlist] support for posix acl match Need Info jay 2009-09-29
#12162 Enhancement req: finding files less than 2Gb in size [needs community feedback] Need Info jay 2005-02-27
#26641 Wrong directory hard link count message on automounted directory. Need Info 2009-05-22
#32976 find has no option to ignore case of starting directories Need Info 2011-04-02
#35254 Compress sort's temporary files Need Info jay 2012-01-06
#37093 /usr/bin/xargs: rm: Argument list too long during make distclean in cross chroot Need Info 2012-08-14
#39897 [RFE] Add "--max-count" feature to find Need Info jay 2013-08-30
#42501 Add -E option for FreeBSD/Mac OSX compatibility Need Info jay 2014-06-03
#46791 wishlist: no option to find devices for major/minor Need Info jay 2016-01-02
#46815 problem when testing file size Need Info jay 2016-01-05
#48298 Find performance problem on simple conditions/large directories Need Info jay 2016-06-23
#52129 find lacks "-older" option symmetric to "-newer" Need Info 2017-09-27
#62255 find -iname *Word* and find -iname *word* give different results Need Info berny 2022-04-04
#64857 find -ctime, -cnewer etc does not work Need Info berny 2023-11-04
#50155 Please update POT file on translationproject.org In Progress berny 2017-01-26
#58427 Cost-base optimiser breaks short-circuit evaluation In Progress berny 2020-05-22
#63461 Typo in pt_BR.po In Progress berny 2022-12-03
#26701 if there are any funny characters, * no longer matches in certain locales Confirmed ericb 2009-05-27
#62622 E2BIG misbehaviour Confirmed berny 2022-06-13
#13326 Implement --show-control-chars jay 2005-06-07
#15037 [Wishlist] find -ls isn't flexible enough but can't be emulated via -printf jay 2005-11-22
#20891 exit status enhancement for xargs 2007-08-25
#23065 -daystart measures from start of tomorrow - manual incorrect jay 2008-04-26
#23443 cycle detection in ftsfind yields false positives on some filesystems with imperfect POSIX compliance jay 2008-05-31
#24140 Painfully slow find(1) in list-permission-only AFS paths jay 2008-08-26
#24561 find -ok should not redirect stdin 2008-10-14
#27032 find fails to find a file that ls can list 2009-07-15
#30526 No match with a file with modified n days ago in "-mtime" jay 2010-07-23
#37110 find: alternative time handling jay 2012-08-15

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