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 #58654 -perm -+w does not behave like chmod (POSIX) 2020-06-25
 #58458 Using -L option and -samefile test will match both hard links and symbolic links, but the manual is incorrect Fixed berny 2020-05-28
 #58427 Cost-base optimiser breaks short-circuit evaluation In Progress berny 2020-05-22
 #58384 incorect documentaion for -regex 2020-05-17
 #58205 Double dash option (--) mentioned only in manpage, unclear/nonworking In Progress berny 2020-04-19
 #58197 "find" fails to optimize "-path /usr/foo -o -path /usr/bar" to "-regex '/usr/\(foo\|bar\)'" 2020-04-17
 #58193 Typo in xargs manpage Fixed berny 2020-04-17
 #58156 Order of xargs -L and -I flags matters 2020-04-10
 #58149 Whitespace parsing differs with and without -i 2020-04-09
 #57807 Typo in the find manual Fixed berny 2020-02-13
 #57775 Typo in find manpage Fixed berny 2020-02-09
 #57762 Test fail of find.posix/sv-bug-54171.exp Fixed berny 2020-02-07
 #57693 find wastefully calls stat for leaves 2020-01-29
 #57461 Configure leaves directory trees that cannot be removed on PowerPC Mac OS X 10.5.8, Leopard 2019-12-22
 #57291 xargs --verbose adds incorrect trailing blank Fixed berny 2019-11-23
 #57277 FAIL: test-canonicalize-lgpl with GCC 10 Fixed berny 2019-11-20
 #57072 macos brew-ed conf file (docs and use) berny 2019-10-17
 #57025 find -mtime will ignore large files Code Review berny 2019-10-09
 #56855 find -printf %h gives an empty string for the root directory '/' 2019-09-03
 #56832 FAIL: tests/misc/help-version Working as Intended jay 2019-08-30
 #56831 FAIL: tests/find/printf_inode Need Info 2019-08-30
 #56823 -regextype egrep compatibility issue, requires full string match as opposed to egrep Invalid jay 2019-08-28
 #56820 Translation issue Fixed berny 2019-08-28
 #56410 find -L doesn't follow symlinks outside the specified search scope Working as Intended jay 2019-05-29
 #55443 False Info berny 2019-01-10
 #55190 xargs documentation is confusing about the usage of -i and -I (capital i), and doesn't have any examples on this options 2018-12-10
 #54913 find: "-type"-test wrong on bind-mounted char device berny 2018-10-29
 #54860 Less performance of -execdir echo {} + berny 2018-10-17
 #54856 A Bit Unclear -execdir Documentation Fixed 2018-10-17
 #54745 -mount needs to be slightly different from -xdev 2018-09-27
 #54730 Add additional valuable example of find -quit Fixed jay 2018-09-26
 #54591 gnulib components in findutils do not compile with glibc 2.28 Fixed berny 2018-08-29
 #54263 find -L treats ENOENT and ENOTDIR differently 2018-07-07
 #54236 Leftover extra chars after C1 control's tty sanitization Confirmed 2018-07-02
 #52592 Documentation for 'find' unclear on default regex type 2017-12-05
 #52558 find does not print symlink object in case of follow symbolic links Working as Intended jay 2017-11-30
 #52137 unexpected behaviour when combining -I and -n In Progress berny 2017-09-28
 #52129 find lacks "-older" option symmetric to "-newer" Need Info 2017-09-27
 #51926 -xtype l fails on symbolic links that have a loop jay 2017-09-03
 #50859 fstype btrfs isn't supported berny 2017-04-23
 #50155 Please update POT file on translationproject.org In Progress berny 2017-01-26
 #50058 [wishlist] -prune a subdir(tree) when a file therein matches criteria 2017-01-16
 #49640 Refer to numeric arguments as n|-n|+n or [-+]n instead of n in the manpages In Progress jay 2016-11-18
 #49466 xargs with 2>&1 returns error code in macOS 10.12 Platform Issue jay 2016-10-28
 #49453 find man page erroneous example Duplicate berny 2016-10-27
 #49147 Tab character replaced by question mark ("?") when locate outputs to tty Invalid jay 2016-09-21
 #48298 Find performance problem on simple conditions/large directories Need Info jay 2016-06-23
 #48135 samefile-p-brokenlink.exp fails on Hurd and BSD Fixed jay 2016-06-05
 #47261 find produces two different results for the same command Works For Me jay 2016-02-25

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