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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted on
 #110008 memory leak detected in bash-5.0 2019-09-15
 #109948 Feature Request: Add KSH styled namespace support 2019-08-29
 #109840 bash does not execute traps defined in eval Done 2019-07-11
 #109707 man bash_builtins (i.e. man [) referenced CONDITIONAL EXPRESSIONS, but doesn't actually show them 2019-06-13
 #109690 script exits prematurely if function call contains ssh, when input is from heredoc Invalid 2019-05-31
 #109686 Make LINENO work like Zsh's LINENO Wont Do 2019-05-17
 #109679 Save current working directory in history 2019-05-09
 #109675 bash can be made to read uninitialized memory Done 2019-05-03
 #109672 conditional expression and associative array expansion bug Invalid 2019-04-17
 #109671 Regression: Initial quoted substitution of variable stripped to empty causes [[ stat tests to yield incorrect results Done 2019-04-10
 #109669 -a option of local prevents using previous value 2019-04-08
 #109667 unexpected exit value from "jobs" Done 2019-04-03
 #109664 Bash using WIFCORED instead of WCOREDUMP Wont Do 2019-03-29
 #109660 Fix German typo Done 2019-03-27
 #109656 Bash segfaults for long unicode pathnames Works For Me 2019-03-15
 #109654 Text file busy Invalid 2019-03-11
 #109653 compgen -c echoes directory names supplied to it Works For Me 2019-03-05
 #109649 ${!var} fails on 4.4 with bad substitution error Invalid 2019-03-01
 #109634 SIGSEGV at malloc.c Works For Me 2019-01-22
 #109632 illegal function names allowed Invalid 2019-01-20
 #109629 quoting scrambled within functions and variables Invalid 2019-01-18
 #109623 bash 5 fails to build if SYSLOG_HISTORY is defined, but SYSLOG_SHOPT is not Done 2019-01-15
 #109617 devel HEAD fails to install on macOS Done 2019-01-05
 #109610 Add vi-mode prompt escape code Wont Do 2018-12-30
 #109608 Read timeout in trap of a read with a timeout leads to stuck script Done 2018-12-26
 #109605 BASH_ENV is sourced in interactive mode too Works For Me 2018-12-21
 #109601 devel HEAD fails to install on macOS Done 2018-12-11
 #109600 BASH_SOURCE[0] empty inside a function when compiling with --disable-debugger Wont Do 2018-12-10
 #109599 Can we have nanosecond timestamps in printf? Works For Me 2018-12-07
 #109579 tab expansion gives strange error when no space on device Works For Me 2018-11-04
 #109578 Fix typo in `If ID is a a job specification` Done 2018-11-01
 #109577 GPG keyring missing actual signer Works For Me 2018-10-31
 #109562 Using ${#a[@]} with an array without any assigned elements when the nounset option is enabled throws Works For Me 2018-09-10
 #109542 "set -e" is not evaluated properly in outer script when command substitution in here-doc or here-string fails Invalid 2018-08-09
 #109541 "set -e", "set -o pipefail" and "shopt -s lastpipe" do not like each other Done 2018-08-09
 #109540 shopt -s inherit_errexit does not work on all command substitutions Invalid 2018-08-09
 #109526 sigpipe kills entire subshell and not just the builtin running Invalid 2018-07-10
 #109525 Crash related to execute_builtin Done 2018-07-10
 #109524 Crash related to mkseq Done 2018-07-10
 #109512 [Documentation] PDF page empty (D.4 Function Index) Invalid 2018-05-28
 #109507 increase default HISTSIZE value to 50000 Done 2018-05-18
 #109469 bison 3.0 incompatibility with internal intl Works For Me 2018-03-02
 #109468 here-document leading tabs translated to single dots in some systems with Bash Invalid 2018-02-28
 #109466 [Feature request] A debugger like gdb Done 2018-02-24
 #109458 Colors in vi-*-mode-string generate a bug on long line Invalid 2018-02-08
 #109449 Control-O keybinding does not work [with patch] Wont Do 2018-01-17
 #109434 Translation of Bash reference manual Wont Do 2017-12-24
 #109404 Dumping binary to shell causes memory corruption. Need Info 2017-10-25

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