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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted on
 #109601 devel HEAD fails to install on macOS None None 2018-12-11
 #109600 BASH_SOURCE[0] empty inside a function when compiling with --disable-debugger None None 2018-12-10
 #109599 Can we have nanosecond timestamps in printf? None None 2018-12-07
 #109579 tab expansion gives strange error when no space on device Works For Me None 2018-11-04
 #109578 Fix typo in `If ID is a a job specification` Done None 2018-11-01
 #109577 GPG keyring missing actual signer Works For Me None 2018-10-31
 #109562 Using ${#a[@]} with an array without any assigned elements when the nounset option is enabled throws Works For Me None 2018-09-10
 #109542 "set -e" is not evaluated properly in outer script when command substitution in here-doc or here-string fails Invalid None 2018-08-09
 #109541 "set -e", "set -o pipefail" and "shopt -s lastpipe" do not like each other Done None 2018-08-09
 #109540 shopt -s inherit_errexit does not work on all command substitutions Invalid None 2018-08-09
 #109526 sigpipe kills entire subshell and not just the builtin running Invalid None 2018-07-10
 #109525 Crash related to execute_builtin Done None 2018-07-10
 #109524 Crash related to mkseq Done None 2018-07-10
 #109512 [Documentation] PDF page empty (D.4 Function Index) Invalid None 2018-05-28
 #109507 increase default HISTSIZE value to 50000 Done None 2018-05-18
 #109469 bison 3.0 incompatibility with internal intl Works For Me None 2018-03-02
 #109468 here-document leading tabs translated to single dots in some systems with Bash Invalid None 2018-02-28
 #109466 [Feature request] A debugger like gdb Done None 2018-02-24
 #109458 Colors in vi-*-mode-string generate a bug on long line Invalid None 2018-02-08
 #109449 Control-O keybinding does not work [with patch] Wont Do None 2018-01-17
 #109434 Translation of Bash reference manual Wont Do None 2017-12-24
 #109404 Dumping binary to shell causes memory corruption. Need Info None 2017-10-25
 #109403 Bash segfaults when pressing Ctrl+C on certain function Done None 2017-10-24
 #109375 Request to deprecate restricted mode Wont Do None 2017-08-30
 #109374 Brace expansion of filenames with spaces when in quotes Invalid None 2017-08-28
 #109368 break n stops at file boundrary from version 4.4 Works For Me None 2017-08-12
 #109367 Feature request: JIT Need Info None 2017-08-11
 #109360 pushd into current directory cause popd to fail Works For Me None 2017-07-24
 #109359 "help" lists "variables" as one of shell builtins, but this is not true Wont Do None 2017-07-21
 #109353 Deleting file name parts by a special pattern matching variant None None 2017-07-18
 #109352 Working with a determined file list from a folder without referencing the selected directory None None 2017-07-18
 #109348 [Syntax extension] Nested transformations within variable expansions None None 2017-07-09
 #109337 Soft hyphen displayed, but not counted by backspace Works For Me None 2017-06-22
 #109329 bind -r on unbound sequences should be a no-op, but it isn't Done None 2017-06-10
 #109328 segfault if function is too long Invalid None 2017-06-09
 #109301 Using Clang's static analyzer on bash Done None 2017-04-26
 #109300 Feature Request - JOBMAX variable Wont Do None 2017-04-21
 #109291 Documentation request: document that read -d '' reads until \0 Done None 2017-04-04
 #109285 Feature Request - autocomplete only shows the difference downstream of entry Need Info None 2017-03-29
 #109251 Bash completion interaction with quotes In Progress None 2017-02-08
 #109181 read sets variable on timeout, but should not Wont Do None 2016-11-09
 #109159 Bug: Failed to read initial configuration, open() syscall might be interrupted. Done None 2016-10-05
 #109140 Builtin read should support escape sequences for prompt (-p) Done None 2016-09-11
 #109139 Unset on certain elements of associative arrays does not work as expected Postponed None 2016-09-10
 #109052 if export builtin is pipelined the export will fail Invalid None 2016-05-27
 #109046 Should `(set -p)` (at least in POSIX mode) list background jobs of parent environment? Wont Do None 2016-05-19

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