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This project is part of the GNU Project.

GNU Sather is an object-oriented language with garbage collection, statically-checked strong typing, multiple inheritance, separate implementations and type inheritance, parameterized classes, dynamic dispatch, iteration abstraction, higher-order routines and iterators, exception handling, assertions, preconditions, postconditions, and class invariants. Code can be compiled into C code and can link with C object files.

It was originally based on Eiffel but now incorporates ideas and approaches from several languages.  One way of placing it in the "space of languages" is to say that it attempts to be as efficient as C, C++, or Fortran, as elegant and safe as Eiffel or CLU, and to support higher-order functions as well as Common Lisp or Scheme.

Registration Date: Fri 11 Jan 2002 06:43:41 PM UTC
License: GNU General Public License v3 or later
Development Status: 5 - Production/Stable


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New Package Maintainer
     posted by fadi, Sat 18 Dec 2010 08:02:34 AM UTC - 0 replies

Hi Everyone!

I'm the new maintainer of the Sather package. (all new to Sather and fsf!)

(the current) Sather 1.2.3 compiles (and works) with :
GNU/Linux i686 (kernel 2.6.18)
- gcc 4.3.2
- binutils 2.18.1
- libdevel 6.8
- libgc-dev 6.8 ...

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Development now hosted on Savannah server
     posted by mtaylor, Mon 08 Jun 2009 01:27:49 AM UTC - 0 replies

This weekend I updated the Savannah project area for GNU Sather so that it can now be used as a central place for GNU Sather development.  The code is hosted in a Bazaar repository on Savannah, and the Savannah site will also be a great place to list bugs, patches, support requests, etc. ...

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Home Page Up & Running
     posted by jabelardo, Sun 12 Jun 2005 05:50:29 PM UTC - 0 replies

GNU Sather's home page is again up and updated.

New release of stable branch (1.2.2)
     posted by jabelardo, Sun 12 Jun 2005 02:04:39 PM UTC - 0 replies

New release that fixes some bugs that make imposible to
compile GNU Sather on 3.x gcc (Tested on GNU/Linux).

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