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This software is part of the GNU Project.

Fontopia is an easy-to-use, text-based, console font editor.
What this means in simple English is that you can edit the fonts
that your GNU/Linux kernel is using to display your text on
text-based (vs graphical) terminals.

Unlike other console text editors which usually work on one PSF
version, or work on unicode tables only, or allow very minimal glyph
editing, fontopia provides all these functions together:
- It works on both PSF 1 & 2, you can even change file type and save
  it to disk in the other version.
- It allows exporting and importing of unicode tables from external
- It provides a user-friendly, easy-to-use glyph editor.
- It can easily change font metrics, e.g. length, width, height...

Console font files are commonly of PSF type (of which there are two
versions), or of CP type (legacy fonts). Fontopia works with PSF files
of both versions, as well as CP, PCF, BDF files and raw font files.

What's new:
- We added support for the PCF (Portable Compiled Format) fonts. Work
is ongoing on Windows FON and FNT files.
- We added the Extended Glyph Operations window (accessed by pressing O)
and the Glyph Info window (accessed by pressing G).

Supported formats:
- PSF 1 and 2
- Linux Code pages (CP)
- Raw fonts
- BDF fonts (beta)
- PCF fonts
- Windows FON & FNT files support under development

Registration Date: Tue 26 Apr 2016 02:36:16 PM UTC
License: GNU General Public License v3 or later
Development Status: 4 - Beta


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