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GNU LibreJS 6.0.6 released

Item posted by Nikolas Nyby <nikolas> on Fri 21 Nov 2014 04:06:33 AM UTC.

There's a new version of LibreJS - version 6.0.6.

Here's the changes since 6.0.5:
    * When there is a contact email found on a site that contains
    nonfree JavaScript, the email link now includes a default subject
    and body when you click on it. These defaults are configurable in
    the LibreJS add-on preferences.

    * LibreJS now works in private browsing mode, and with Tor. When
     using LibreJS and Tor at the same time, it's possible for the
     website you're visiting to see that you're not running any nonfree
     JavaScript it may contain.  That would enable it to distinguish
     you from many other Tor users, but it still won't know who you are.

    * JS Web Labels links are now recognized with data-jslicense="1"
    as well as rel="jslicense", in case you want the page to be
    HTML5-valid. Savannah ticket #13366. Thanks to Marco Bresciani
    for bringing this up.

    * Fixed a bug on the whitelist page (Tools -> LibreJS) where
    the "Reset whitelist to default" button wasn't working.

This project's website is here:

The source files are here:

And here's the executable you can install in your browser:

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