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New FreeDink DFArc frontend 3.12 release

Item posted by Sylvain Beucler <Beuc> on Thu 16 Oct 2014 09:54:46 PM UTC.

Here's a new release of DFArc, a frontend to run the GNU FreeDink game and manage its numerous add-on adventures or D-Mods :)

- DFArc now launches Dink and Dinkedit asynchronously, so you can run the editor even when the game is running.

- Improve extract & package performance.

- Fix infrequent off-by-1-pixel bug in logo animation.

- New Serbian, Catalan, Turkish, Esperanto, Brazilian Portuguese and Hungarian translations, as well as translations updates.

- Upgrade to wxWidgets 3.0.

About GNU FreeDink:

Dink Smallwood is an adventure/role-playing game, similar to Zelda, made by RTsoft. Besides twisted humor, it includes the actual game editor, allowing players to create hundreds of new adventures called Dink Modules or D-Mods for short.

GNU FreeDink is a new and portable version of the game engine, which runs the original game as well as its D-Mods, with close
compatibility, under multiple platforms.

DFArc is an integrated frontend, .dmod installer and .dmod archiver for the Dink Smallwood game engine.

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