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Malware in Proprietary Software - Latest Additions

Item posted by Dora Scilipoti <dora> on Fri 08 Mar 2024 02:05:58 AM UTC.

The initial injustice of proprietary software often leads to further injustices: malicious functionalities.

The introduction of unjust techniques in nonfree software, such as back doors, DRM, tethering, and others, has become ever more frequent. Nowadays, it is standard practice.

We at the GNU Project show examples of malware that has been introduced in a wide variety of products and dis-services people use everyday, and of companies that make use of these techniques.

Here are our latest additions

February 2024

Proprietary Surveillance

(Please note that this article misuses the word "hack" to mean "break security.")

January 2024

Malware in Cars

A good privacy law would prohibit cars recording this data about the users' activities. But not just this data—lots of other data too.

DRM in Trains

Proprietary Insecurity in LogoFAIL

4K UHD Blu-ray Disks, Super Duper Malware

Proprietary Interference

This is a reminder that angry users still have the power to make developers of proprietary software remove small annoyances. Don't count on public outcry to make them remove more profitable malware, though. Run away from proprietary software!

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