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     posted by chewie, Sat 28 Feb 2015 07:01:01 PM UTC

After 10 years, GNU GNATS has finally released a new version 4.2.0, thanks in large part to the recent efforts of Alexandros Manoussakis at Juniper Networks. Among the improvements:

  - GNU v3 license update
  - Buid now uses automake, and code has been adjusted to compile [...]

GNATS 4.1.0 Released!
     posted by chewie, Sun 06 Mar 2005 09:20:40 PM UTC

This is GNATS 4.1.0, a release that incorporates multiple bug fixes and enhancements that have been committed to CVS since the release of GNATS 4.0.  Notable enhancements include:                                                  

4.1.0 Release Candidate: gnats-4_1_0-rc2
     posted by chewie, Mon 28 Feb 2005 05:35:00 PM UTC

Release candidate rc2 is available in the CVS repository, tagged gnats-4_1_0-rc2.  There has been a substantial cleanup, multiple bug fixes, and performance enhancements in this release candidate.  Please test and report any bugs you have to and indicate the "Release" you're using. [...]

GNATS Release: 4.0.1 -- Fixes Potential Security Vulnerability
     posted by chewie, Fri 12 Nov 2004 04:46:07 PM UTC

The GNU GNATS Development Team has released a new version of GNATS, the
Problem Report Management System.  This release,  4.0.1 is a patch                         
release to address a potential security vulnerability with string                           [...]

GNATS 4.0 released
     posted by andrewg, Fri 01 Aug 2003 02:54:01 AM UTC

The first "offical" version of GNATS 4.0 has been released.

The distribution file gnats-4.0.tar.gz is available via anonymous FTP from

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