Web pages for Savannah projects

Each project at Savannah has a "web pages" CVS repository, completely separate from any "sources" repositories. These are the standard urls provided:

  • For gnu projects: gnu.org/software/project/ (shortcut: gnu.org/s/project/)
  • For nongnu projects: www.nongnu.org/project/ and project.nongnu.org/

Initial upload of web pages: HomepageUpload.

Basic CVS usage: CvsGettingStarted.


No symlinks (sysadmin@fsf.org says: "security reasons" and "there's also the fact that CVS doesn't handle symlinks") - use .symlinks instead. Add a file named .symlinks in each directory where you want to make symbolic links. Each line of the file lists a real file name followed by the name of the symbolic link. The symbolic links are built every hour.


An Apache .htaccess file can be used, with some limitations. The enclosing server configuration says:

AllowOverride Indexes FileInfo Limit AuthConfig

General CGI scripts are not allowed.

Using a different VCS

Many people have requested using something other than CVS for their web page repositories. This is not unreasonable in principle, but requires substantial frontend work, backend work, and coordination with the FSF sysadmins. There is no ETA for any of this. Meanwhile, perhaps git-over-cvs could be used, but we have no experience with this.

Source repositories can use any supported VC.