Savannah has high project approval requirements and thus visitors can expect freedom-related qualities from projects hosted here (such as no proprietary dependencies). Moreover, there are no advertisements, thus you do not run the risk of getting an ad for a proprietary competitor on your project page.

By choosing Savannah, you show that you value your freedom, as all of Savannah is running exclusively with free software. Check SourceForge Drifting by Savannah founder Loic Dachary, or GCode's Mercurial support based on a private, unpublished fork of the Mercurial server.

Technically, Savannah provides:

  • A choice of VCSes (version control systems) for your source code (alphabetical order):
  • The Savane integrated bug tracking system, for bugs, support requests, tasks and patches.
  • Mailing lists at and, managed via Mailman.
  • Webpages (at or, managed through CVS.
  • A download area, and its mirrors.


Savannah was presented at the following events:


Other sites that use Savane and offer free software hosting:

  • Gna!: - philosophically compatible with Savannah, run independently by other people; located in France
  • Puszcza: - also philosophically compatible, also run by other people (primarily Sergey Poznyakoff); located in Ukraine (and pronounced "push-cha")

Software projects for hosting projects, with their source code:

With hosting:

  • Tuxfamily: - Savannah-like free software hosting facility - code
  • - first public Git hosting facility, runs a modified version of gitweb as the main interface + a minimum chroot'd environment + a few crons - code (Perl + shell)
  • ShareSource: - code
  • Alioth: - aimed at Debian projects - code
  • Launchpad: - centered on Bazaar and Ubuntu (Python, AGPL3, but non-free artwork)
  • - this site is ahem now defunc, but I could trace a copy of the code here code
  • Allura:
    • SourceForge apparently saw the light and went back to free software development with Allura; can somehow check the coverage of the released code? For instance, do they provide the scripts to mass-installing and mass-maintaining mediawiki/trac/etc. that powers their service?

(Note that we do not list projects that advertise a proprietary version)