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Version 1.9

Item posted by Sergey Poznyakoff <gray> on Wed 24 Apr 2019 06:02:12 AM UTC.

Version 1.9 is available for download from GNU and Puszcza archives. It should soon become available in the mirrors too.

New in this version:

Backreference expansion

Arguments to tranformations, chroot and chdir statements can contain references to parenthesized groups in the recent regular expression match. Such references are replaced with the strings that matched the corresponding groups. Syntactically, a backreference expansion is a percent sign followed by one-digit number of the subexpression (1-based, %0 refers to entire matched line). For example

 rule X
   command ^cd (.+) && (.+)
   chdir %1
   set %2

User-defined variables

The configuration file can define new variables or redefine the built-in ones using the setvar statement:

  setvar[VAR] PATTERN

Here, VAR is the variable name, and PATTERN is its new value. The PATTERN is subject to variable and backreference expansion.

User-defined variables can be unset using the "unsetvar" statement:


Unsetting a built-in variable, previously redefined using the setvar statement causes the user-supplied definition to be forgotten and the built-in one restored.

Shell-like variable expansion

The following shell-like notations are supported:

${VAR:-WORD}   Use Default Values
${VAR:=WORD}   Assign Default Values
${VAR:?WORD}   Display Error if Null or Unset
${VAR:+WORD}   Use Alternate Value

New script rush-po for extracting translatable strings from the configuration

The script rush-po.awk that was used in prior versions has been withdrawn.

No messages in Version 1.9


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