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GNU Health patchsets 3.2.7 & 3.2.8 released

Item posted by Luis Falcon <meanmicio> on Wed 15 Nov 2017 06:40:13 PM UTC.

Dear community

GNU Health 3.2.7 and 3.2.8 patchsets have been released !

Priority: High

Table of Contents

  • About GNU Health Patchsets
  • Updating your system with the GNU Health control Center
  • Summary of this patchset
  • Installation notes
  • List of issues related to this patchset

About GNU Health Patchsets

We provide "patchsets" to stable releases. Patchsets allow applying bug fixes and updates on production systems. Always try to keep your production system up-to-date with the latest patches.

Patches and Patchsets maximize uptime for production systems, and keep your system updated, without the need to do a whole installation.

For more information about GNU Health patches and patchsets you can visit

NOTE: Patchsets are applied on previously installed systems only. For new, fresh installations, download and install the whole tarball (ie, gnuhealth-3.2.8.tar.gz)

Updating your system with the GNU Health control Center

Starting GNU Health 3.x series, you can do automatic updates on the GNU Health and Tryton kernel and modules using the GNU Health control center program.

Please refer to the administration manual section ( )

The GNU Health control center works on standard installations (those done following the installation manual on wikibooks). Don't use it if you use an alternative method or if your distribution does not follow the GNU Health packaging guidelines.

Summary of this patchset

Yes folks, two for the price of one :-)

- Patch 3.2.7 fixes a problem related to signing a death certificate
- Patch 3.2.8 fixes a depdendency issue related to the calendar_webdav3 package, on installations that use the python packages (setup / pip). The standard installation method is not affected.

We also updated the descriptions and URLs of trytond_calendar_webdav3 and trytond_webdav3 packages, that no longer are supported by Tryton, and that are now GNU Health developments.

Refer to the List of issues related to this patchset for a comprehensive list of fixed bugs.

Installation Notes

You must apply previous patchsets before installing this patchset. If your patchset level is 3.2.6, then just follow the general instructions.
You can find the patchsets at GNU Health main download site at (

Follow the general instructions at

  • Restart the GNU Health Tryton server

List of issues and tasks related to this patchset

  • bug #52366: Error when signing the death certificate
  • task #14626: Renaming Package names prefix trytond_ from Pypi


 For detailed information about each issue, you can visit
 For detailed information about each task, you can visit

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