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GNU lightning 2.1.0 released!

Item posted by Paulo C├ęsar Pereira de Andrade <pcpa> on Sat 07 Feb 2015 07:12:27 PM UTC.

GNU lightning is a library to aid in making portable programs
that compile assembly code at run time.


Download release:

2.1.0 adds the new jit_frame and jit_tramp calls, that makes
it easier to implement trampolines, tail call optimization and


o Implement and use mcrxr emulation by default.
o Add support for little endian.

o Correct constants pool offset check.
o Correct inconsistencies with ldrd and strd.

o Add support for the 32 bit abi.

o Add support for the x32 abi.
o Update the x86 backend to work on cygwin64 and 32 bit cygwin.

o Correct a bug in the redundancy optimization simplify_stxi
function, that was making a wrong test comparing a registers
with an immediate offset.
o Implement jit_putarg*, that, with jit_getarg* allow read/write
access to function arguments.
o Implement typed jit_htonr* interfaces, to byte swap 2, 4 or
8 byte integers.
o Implement jit_rsb*. That generates "immediate - register"
in an optimized format in some ports, on others it is just
an useful alias.
o Implement jit_align, that accepts a value up to wordsize and
align code generation as appropriate.
o Only mark callee save regs as live on indirect jumps. That is,
indirect jumps are now treated as a function call.

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