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Version 4.2 available for download. posted by gray, Fri May 23 21:16:59 2014 - 0 replies
GNU Anubis 4.1.1 released. posted by polak, Sat Dec 20 12:40:08 2008 - 0 replies
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GNU Anubis 4.0 released. posted by polak, Sat Dec 18 13:28:37 2004 - 0 replies
Anubis 3.9.96 available posted by gray, Fri Sep 24 09:06:45 2004 - 0 replies
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Version 4.2 available for download.

Item posted by Sergey Poznyakoff <gray> on Fri May 23 21:16:59 2014.

GNU Anubis version 4.2 is available for download. New in this release:

New operation mode: proxy

Command line option precedence

Command line options take precedence over configuration file statements.

elif statement

A familiar elif statement is supported, e.g.:

New CONTROL statement esmtp-auth-delayed

When set to yes, this statement instructs Anubis to postpone ESMTP authentication until MAIL command is issued by the client. This allows to change authentication credentials in the SMTP section (see below).

SMTP section

The new section SMTP is invoked each time an SMTP command is received. This section may alter the command's argument, using a modify command, e.g.:

It is also allowed to use esmtp- keywords in this section, provided that esmtp-auth-delayed yes is set in the CONTROL section. Changes in the ESMTP authentication credentials take effect if they occur either before receiving MAIL command from the client, or when handling this command, e.g.:

New keywords: log-facility and log-tag

Guile output

By default Scheme's standard error and output ports are redirected to syslog priorities err and warning correspondingly.

MySQL options file

When using MySQL for Anubis user database, the database parameters and access credentials are read from the file /etc/my.cnf, section
anubis. Additionally, two URL parameters are provided: options-file, which sets the name of the options file, and options-group, which sets the name of the group.


No messages in Version 4.2 available for download.


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