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Guile 2.0 just turned 3 years old!

Item posted by Ludovic Courtès <civodul> on Thu 20 Feb 2014 07:13:23 PM UTC.

Last week was Guile 2.0's third anniversary.  Guile 2 was a major milestone for Guile and so, like in previous years, we organized a birthday potluck---a hack fest where Guilers brought their freshly cooked dishes.

The Potluck Dishes

This year again we got a variety of fine dishes.  Here's the menu:

  • David Thompson brought a neat module for functional reactive programming (FRP).  The module is currently used in guile-2d, David's game engine.
  • Mike Gran joined the party with an entertaining midi to WAV converter.  The code uses produces chiptune---a sound reminiscent of the 80's video games.
  • Andy Wingo came up with compost, a native compiler for leaf functions.  Compost can generate ELF binaries for leaf functions written in a subset of Scheme.  By using it to optimize the inner loops of the OpenGL particle simulation he wrote last year, Andy was able to achieve a speedup of 80x!  Compost is available on Gitorious.
  • Panicz Maciej Godek and Drcz brought a Pandora game clone to the party, based on the SLAYER game engine.
  • Alex Sassmannshausen's dish actually relates to food: food-guile is a program that suggests meals taken from a collection of recipes, and according to various constraints.
  • Doug Evans came up with a patch to improve SIGINT handling in GDB's Guile support---the ability to extend GDB with Guile code, which Doug committed in GDB a couple of weeks ago.
  • Another GDB-related dish is Ludovic Courtès' GDB pretty-printer for Guile's SCM values.  This GDB extension, written in Guile, allows GDB to display the SCM values manipulated by libguile in a human-friendly way.

This has been another pleasant potluck.  Thanks to all the participants, and happy birthday Guile 2!


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