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GNU lightning 2.0.1 released!

Item posted by Paulo C├ęsar Pereira de Andrade <pcpa> on Tue 24 Sep 2013 09:31:09 PM UTC.

GNU lightning is a library to aid in making portable programs
that compile assembly code at run time.

This is mostly a bug fix release, with a few extra interfaces
to allow easier jit translation.


Download release:

o Add the new --enable-devel-get-jit-size configure option,
that can be used to regenerate the new jit_$arch-sz.c files.
The jit_$arch-sz.c files have static tables with longest
known instructions length generated when translating a
lightning instruction.

o Add the new jit_pointer_p predicate, that is useful to know
if a pointer is inside the jit code buffer.

o Make the jit_get_note call public. It was intended since
start, but by mistake not made public in lightning 2.0.0.
The call makes it easy to retrieve function name, file name
and line number information from any address in the jit
code buffer (provided that information was stored with
jit_name and jit_note).

o Correct wrong code on the s390x backend that was not
properly saving/restoring callee save floating point

o Correct wrong logic when patching forward function calls
or calling functions after moving the address to a register
in the hppa backend.

o Correct bogus logic when saving/restoring the r2 ia64
register, that is used as the lightning api specific
frame pointer register.

o Correct one example in the documentation that did not match
the actual sample implementation in the doc directory.

o Add fallback instead of plain #error if could not figure out

o Correct wrong logic updating internal state information of
current instruction set on the arm backend when generating
thumb instructions and needing to grow the code buffer.

o Test for zlib in

o Correct build and make check on NetBSD amd64.

o Correct build and make check on AIX with gcc 4.8.
Preventively another code path was corrected to avoid
possible problems with gcc 4.8 on ia64.

o Correct build on FreeBSD/amd64.

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