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GNU automake 1.13 released

Item posted by Stefano Lattarini <slattarini> on Fri 28 Dec 2012 08:02:32 PM UTC.

GNU Automake 1.13 has been released.

This is a major release, bringing several changes, a couple of bug-fixes, and some backward incompatibilities over the 1.12.x series.

Mailing-list announcement for Automake 1.13:

Here is a quick summary of the most important changes:

  • Autoconf >= 2.65 and Texinfo >= 4.9 are now required.
  • Support for the "Cygnus-style" trees has been removed (bug #11034).
  • Elisp byte-compilation recipes have been overhauled, for better support of VPATH and subdir builds, and improved concurrency.
  • The parallel testsuite harness (previously only enabled by the 'parallel-tests' option) is now the default.
  • The user can now define his own recursive targets, with the help of the new 'AM_EXTRA_RECURSIVE_TARGETS' m4 macro.
  • Semantics of the 'missing' script have been radically altered: it no longer tries to update the timestamp of out-of-date files that require a maintainer-specific tool to be remade, but just gives clearer and useful warnings than a "program not found" diagnostic.
  • Macros AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIR and AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIRS can now be used to declare the local m4 include directories.  Accordingly, the special make variable ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS will become deprecated in future releases, and you should start moving away from it ASAP.

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